Sunday, September 23, 2012

Project Kitten: FAIL

Well, we brought our kitty home on Friday... 

It's been a nightmare ever since.

There have been glimmers of hope...

Look how excited El was!

But mostly, it's just been miserable!

Let's just say that this kitty either hasn't been properly litter box trained... or has some kind of intestinal bug.  Neither of which the previous owner was 100% straight with me about.  My poor husband has been cleaning up cat poop (luckily only in the bathroom!) and bathing the cat more times than you want to know!  (Ok, it's literally been like 10x in less than 2 days!)  We've given her the same food and litter as the previous owner... and we've tried to make her comfortable.  The dog and Eloise are bother great with her.  It's just so frustrating having to watch her almost at all times to make sure we don't have to rush her to the litter box!!  And she CAN go up and down the steps on her own.  And she DOES use the litter box sometimes.

SO... we are trying to find a new home for kitty.  And if we can't, she will unfortunately end up at the shelter.  We called around to 4 no-kill shelters but they are all full and won't accept any new animals.  I tried to get a hold of the girl I got her from to see if she'd take her back, no reply (conveniently).  And I've posted an ad on a local classified site.  

If I wasn't pregnant and could actually help with clean up, it might be a different story.  But my doctor specifically doesn't want me to clean the cat litter box at all, even with gloves.  So, when Cory goes to work, if kitty makes a mess... I am up a creek!

Over all she is a sweetie... and it's truly not her fault for perhaps not feeling well or getting her nerves worked up from being in a new place.... but having a cat with these issues is not worth running the risk of having issues with my pregnancy.

I hope we can find a home for her soon!!

I was hoping to fill the void that Weezer left, but perhaps the timing is off.

**Update: We took the cat back to it's previous owner... and I'm waiting on the call from the doctor to see if I can get a blood test to make sure I am not infected with Toxoplasmosis.  I'm a little paranoid!**


  1. oh my... yep, preggers shouldn't go anywhere near a cat litter box. I hope the kitten will find a home soon. It sucks when the previous owner is not upfront about everything. Hope you are well! You have a nice blog and I'm your new follower via gfc :)

    Yours Truly,
    hope you can follow me at Aubzielation and Party Prints & Pieces
    Enter to win my first giveaway of cute fabric tapes :)

  2. So sad that you were mislead. Be careful who you adopt to as sometimes people -ADOPT who are only taking the cat or dog to be used in a lab situation. praying it all works out for you and kitty. take care Mellie

  3. I love kittens and cats but I have allergies so I can't have one. Try; it is free and I had quite a few "hits" when I sold a washer/dryer.



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