Thursday, October 4, 2012

27 Weeks

Well, today has been a little hectic!  

Our dog, Boo has had some issues with her "doggie ACL" over the summer... but seemed to be doing well lately.  Then last night, after running around a bit in the afternoon, she couldn't walk right.  She favored her "bad" leg and was whining and whimpering... and well... not herself.  Cory called the vet first thing this morning and they referred us to a special vet about an hour away (since they knew of Boo's previous ACL issue and that they weren't equipped to deal with that type of thing)... and after calling THAT vet, they wanted us to rush her in for possible emergency surgery.  I had a doctor appointment, Cory had work... so his parents (who are like her favorite people in the world) took her over.  As soon as the vet touched her knee, he knew it was blown out... and so we made the decision to go ahead and get it repaired.  She went in for surgery about 2 hours ago... and I haven't heard anything since.  I know some people think it's over-the-top to pay outrageous medical bills for your pets.  But I think it depends on your financial situation, where you are in your life and how old your pet is.  Boo is middle-aged for a dog, being 6 years old.  I know of labs who've lived 14 yrs... or ones that have lived 6 yrs.  It's hard to say.  But Boo has been through so much with us... and especially with Cory's dad having gone through cancer last year.  She was truly a blessing in their lives and gave them so much joy during that difficult time - as well as now (she sometimes spends more time at their house than ours!).  It is the right thing for us to get her the surgery... and hopefully it will help her to live life to the fullest when she has recovered.  I admit, part of me is emotional about it.  First of all, feeling bad that she has to go through all of this.... but her recovery is going to take MONTHS which means she'll be living at my in-laws.  They have a ranch-style home with minimal steps.  We live in a 2-story and she is determined to go UPSTAIRS at bedtime at our house.  Obviously that won't be able to happen.  So we'll be visiting her a lot at my in-laws.  I kind of feel like I lost Weezer... (then the kitten thing didn't work out)... and now, in a sense, I'm losing Boo.  Even though she'll only be 15 mins away... I have a feeling that living 3 months exclusively at my in-laws will make her NOT want to come back home with us.  But, we have to do what's best for her.  So... at this point in time I am waiting for word on her surgery and how it went... and we'll just go from there!

On a positive note, I had my 27 week appointment today... and all is well.

I go for my glucose test next week - ICK... 
and then I'll start having more frequent check ups after 30 weeks.

I also want to take a moment to give props to my sister who has lost 40 pounds in 4 months!
She is doing amazing!  We might be rivaling weights in the next couple of months as I keep getting bigger and she keeps getting smaller!  HAHA!  But no, seriously... she has been doing a great job - and if you need a little inspiration for some motivation... shoot her an email or a blog comment.  I know she is happy to encourage and share with others how she has been able to make life changes to better herself!


  1. Boo will always be your matter if she is at Gene and Patty's or your house! ;) She loves you!

    Thank you for the kind words you wrote about me. I was thinking how bad it is that you and I may be the same measurement in inches all the way around...but you are 27 weeks pregnant and I am not! Good grief! I gotta keep working on this! Christmas, I'm going to be thin enough to want to hold that new niece or nephew of mine and get photos taken! :o)

  2. I haven't checked blogs in forever, but I saw on FB this morning about poor Boo!
    I know you're momma heart is aching! Hoping for a speedy recovery.

    You look soooooooooooooo good for 27 weeks.

  3. Awe, don't you just hate it when your pets (or childen) are sick or injured. My golden is getting up there in age and has his share of problems (thyrod, skin, allergies, SHEDDING) but, oh well, you take the good with the bad. Wishing Boo a speedy recovery. El will miss him as I am sure he will miss her. Cute picture of them togehter; he has a lot of patience!



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