Thursday, August 23, 2012

Little Baby Makes an Appearance!

Today was our "main" ultrasound for Baby #2!  Typically, unless there is some kind of issue, my doctor only orders 2 ultrasounds per pregnancy.  So, the last one we had a little wee bean... and this one... we have the back/side of the head, ear, chin... with a shoulder, arm and a fist (up by the chin).  
Can you see it? 

I was a little disappointed that they only gave us 3 pics, two of which look basically like this one.  And the other is a side profile of the foot.  But, it's better than not having anything!  And while we were watching on the screen, little baby kept opening it's mouth like it was yawning.  Wonder if it's napping now since I haven't felt much movement since then?  I could sure use a nap!

And.. sorry.. we didn't find out the gender!  So you'll have to guess along with us!  Although, the girl said she wasn't going to show us around the leg area much since we didn't want to know.  So, perhaps that meant that there was something there to see??  (Boy??)  Guess we'll find out!  Although she had me measured at 20 weeks, 4 days.  Which is a few days off from what the doctor told me at my last appointment.  So who the heck knows when my due date is now!

Here is Eloise rocking her first pair of "real" sneakers.  They are just $10 shoes from Wally's... but hey, with the way kids grow and play - I'm sure she'll get a decent amount of wear out of them before they kick the bucket!

My mom and nephew came over to surprise us on Tuesday.  It was a nice surprise, as I was bumming pretty bad about Weezer that day.  Xavier brought Eloise an Elmo balloon, which was a hit.  And Eloise had fun playing and being the center of attention, of course!



  1. wonderful! That is such a great ultrasound picture! :)

    I love all the photos of X and El too!

    Looking forward to seeing you guys tomorrow!

  2. Sweet ultrasound photo!
    I'm rooting for you to have a boy.
    Only because El reminds me so much of Adeline and I know as the fall and winter months go on she will start to realize that she will get a sibling, and I know how sweet my two are together.
    They are really best friends!

    Love her little snicker with her nose crinkled. That's too cute!!!


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