Monday, August 20, 2012

A Little Good to Replace the Sad

I know, I know... another post about Weezer?  I didn't post this much at the passing of my grandma back in June.  But, in my defense, we had years of grieving as we watched Alzheimer's wreak havoc in the mind and body of my grandma.  It was a blessing to see her go.  I truly didn't expect to lose my Weezy cat in such a blink of an eye.  Therefore, the pain is still raw.  It is a week today that she's been gone.  I am not crying as much... but I still tear up a good bit.  I have a charm that was once on my old charm bracelet.  A little picture of Weezer.  I put it on an old chain and have been wearing it a lot.  Eloise loves it, so I think I may hop on etsy and find her a "Weezy Necklace" of her own.  I often take mine off to let her wear it.  

Some good news, I believe we have found a kitten to adopt.  We have a "local" classified website that lists all sorts of things.  One of those being pets.  I found someone who has some 3 week old black and white kittens.  We've been emailing back and forth... and I may go to visit them on Friday.  It's not 100% for sure, but things look good.  They won't be ready for another month or so, which I think will be good as far as me getting over some of the grief of losing Weezer.  We are going to get another female... so we're trying to think of a nice name.  It's really hard trying to come up with something!  First, with a baby... and now with a kitten!  I know the right name(s) will come to mind eventually.

I would be lying if I said that I was truly excited about getting another cat.  I mean, in all honesty, I just want Weez back.  But I believe it's what I need.  That little bit of companionship can do wonders for the heart.  And this broken heart needs some stitching back up.


  1. I think this new little gal will do wonders for your heart! :) Just think of a new little kitty to snuggle! I know you will still miss Weezer, but truly, this will be good for you (and Eloise will just LOVE this new kitten...oh my!). Sending you big hugs since I can't come and visit today. xoxo

  2. Another one to love won't take anything from Weezer. Love multiplies... :) Mom


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