Friday, August 31, 2012

Dough and Dough!

Today is my father in law's birthday.  
Since we knew we weren't going to be able to see him today, 
we took a drive out last evening to spend some time at their house.  

What do you get a guy who has everything he needs?  
Well, nothing.  

But each year I always try to bake him something.  
My mother in law isn't much of a baker, not to say that she can't bake,
she just doesn't do much of it.  So I always try to make something special.  
I told Cory to call and ask his mom what his dad might like, 
since he has had a sensitive stomach after having had his cancer surgery last year 
(he was released from the hospital one year ago today!!).  

Turns out... cinnamon rolls are his current snack.
Though they are store bought - not homemade.
I knew my sister had a great recipe, so I headed over to her blog in search of it!

I have never made cinnamon rolls in my life.  
(Unless you count Pilsbury!)
Honestly, we have tried to eat healthier - using only whole wheat and
natural sugars (honey, syrup, etc.)... but I do make some exceptions.

You have GOT to try this recipe!!
(Unless, of course, you are trying to be healthy!)

One "tip" I have to mention, that isn't in the recipe...
When you cut the rolls with a string or yarn... put it UNDER
the roll and quickly bring it up, crossing it to cut the dough smoothly.
I probably called my sister 5 times in the course of making these... and
she gave me that wonderful tip.  It worked perfectly!

And.... don't you think they look DELISH!?

According to my father in law... they are GREAT!

And of course, I couldn't leave Eloise out!

 I whipped her up a quick batch of play dough from this site.

 This was her first encounter with play dough...

She wasn't quite sure what to do with it.  

I had to tell her more than once not to eat it!

But over all... she had a blast!



  1. The rolls look like the turned out AWESOME, Nen! And I had to laugh at El's attempts at eating playdoh..."Come on, Mom, you put it on my tray!" Sounds like a very successful day! And I bet your FIL was tickled pink with his birthday rolls!!!! (Who says you gotta eat cake for your birthday? Last year, I had cheesecake and this year I had strawberry rhubarb pie for mine!)

  2. I am so gonna remember that yarn tip- Champ's family has a traditional roll recipe that is scrumptious, but so difficult to cut- this should help!!!

  3. Those rolls look delicious. I am going to have to go get that recipe. Love Eloise with her play dough. I hope you are doing good.


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