Friday, August 10, 2012

19 Weeks

I am hungry.  And we have nothing to snack on in our house.  I suppose that is probably a good thing as I'm in my second trimester and I am pretty much hungry all of the time.  I feel as though I'm wasting away... yet my stomach seems to grow in spite of it all!  But... good news!  I have some homemade wheat crackers crisping in the oven.  So hopefully by the time Eloise awakens from her nap, we will have a little something to munch on!  I even resisted shaking some salt on them to at least make them a *little* healthier!  Ha!  But, I do believe I'll probably make some honey mustard to dip them in.  It's just soooo good!

Anyway... I am 19 weeks!  I had an appointment yesterday and all is well.  My sister, her kids and our mom came over to spend time with Eloise while I was at my appointment.  You can read/see about it HERE.  It was nice to get together on our turf, though I wasn't around for too much of it.  They seemed to enjoy themselves and I KNOW that Eloise was in all of her glory!

So far I have gained 7 lbs.  I feel small... though any time I look in the mirror or take a picture, I feel like I look too big for 19 weeks.  Little Baby #2 seems to have pushed all of my guts up and I have quite a square belly, though it's still easy to hide depending on my chosen wardrobe.  My ultrasound is on August 23rd.  I have to admit, it is tempting to want to find out if we are having a boy or girl!  BUT, we aren't going to find out!  So you'll all just have to take a good guess.  My guess is GIRL because I feel like I'm carrying similar to how I carried Eloise!  We shall see... ooohh... around Christmas or New Years!  Seems like it's so far away - but I know that time will fly!  I can't believe the summer is almost over already!

(Eloise loves her tricycle and her "Rat-Tooey" Book... aka: Disney's Ratatouille)


  1. Oh, there is nothing like becoming a new mom! you are growing nicely. El's hair is starting to grow, can't wait to see that full head of hair. Wishing you and family a delightful weekend! Take care

  2. You DO have a belly growing! You know, in person, it still barely looks like your are pregnant! You know...I *really* want to know if you are having a boy or girl...and since your ultrasound is the day before my birthday...that could make a **fantastic** birthday gift for me! ;)

    Love the photo of Eloise on the trike!

  3. You are so tiny! I'm pretty sure I looked about 8 months pregnant at 19 weeks. Glad all is well, and I really don't know how you surprise people wait. Soooooo tough! ;)


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