Monday, June 4, 2012


My sister and my niece came over today for a bit to visit with me and Eloise.  Since Eloise has been a bit under the weather, we haven't made our normal weekly trip out to see them (and my parents)... and I believe they were having some Eloise-withdraw! 

I was able to run a couple of errands while they were entertained by my daughter... and then I came home and we ate lunch (grilled chicken salads - YUM!) and sent Eloise up for her nap! 

Because I know that Miss Maddy has just been dying to play, I dug out the game of LIFE from our closet. 

We had so much fun!  Katy thought she was trampling us as she pulled way ahead early on and seemed to have the most money.... yet in the end, the underdog (that would be Madelyn) pulled through and took home the prize!  Ok, there really wasn't a prize... but I think she was quite happy just knowing that she beat her dear old mom and boring old aunt!

Playing LIFE today made me look ahead to the future and look forward to one day playing board games with our kids.  So many kids (and parents!) these days are glued to the TV, their cell phone or the computer!  (I know, I'm on the computer right now - but Eloise is in bed and Cory had to go back to work for a little bit!!)  I want to spend quality time with my family!  It is so important, as these days FLY by!

I'm glad Katy, Maddy and I got to spend some quality time together!  Hopefully we can do it again one day soon!  Maybe next time we can play SCRABBLE!!


  1. It was such a nice visit...even though El was much more interested in spending time with Madelyn than me. :) The salads were great and it was so fun playing Life (even though I didn't win)! Thank you for letting us come over to visit! :)

  2. Family games are awesome. My daughter and I enjoy playing games also; as does my husband (who usually wins when we all play!). Hope you are staying dry during all this cold rainy weather.


  3. Just noticed the time your sister commented!



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