Thursday, June 7, 2012

Lemon Head!

Eloise and I met my mom for lunch today.  It was nice to get out... and Eloise was SO good!  Ok, and I have to brag a little that the waitress was impressed with some of the words El was saying... and that she knew her crayon colors.  It was like a little pat on the back for Mommy!  And hey, sometimes I need that!

Anyway... my mom thought it would be hilarious to let Eloise have a taste of lemon.  Little did she know that Eloise likes lemon!  My mom was watching intently for any hint of a funny sour face from El... and well, all she got was a bunch of chomping!

It was hard to actually get the lemon away from her! 
My mom credits her love of lemon to the fact that Eloise knows no sugar, 
other than natural sugars that come from fruit (and sometimes Maple Syrup if I've baked it into something).  I never really thought about it, but she must have such a fresh palette!
No wonder she loves almost everything we put in front of her!

Maybe I should lead by example, instead of just restricting her...
I've done it before... but it can be such an easy trap to slip back into!
Definitely something for me to think about and improve upon!


  1. Hey there Devon, James here, I'm keeping things going for the Misses. That little lady of yours' has really grown. But,that lemon is tightening up my mouth just watching her! Hahaha! Ya'll take care now. James

  2. She's so sweet! I'm so jealous mom got to see her and I didn't! ;)

  3. You know Ace likes lemons and a few of my friends kids do too. I never thought about your Mom's comments, but that would make sense on our end too. Huh!

    have a great weekend!!!

  4. U are so stylish! what do u say about following each other sweetie?:X


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