Friday, June 22, 2012

A Final Goodbye.. x2

Today is the Memorial Service for my grandma.  We will gather as a family and pay our final respects.  Share some memories, laugh, cry.  It will be bittersweet.  I know that some are taking it harder than others, but hopefully it will be a sense of closure as well. 

Please pardon my absence this week.  It has been hotter than Hades around here and we've been trying to stay cool in front of the fan!  A/C is not common in homes where we live... unless you count a window unit or two... and we haven't put ours in.  So, the fan it is!  (Or multiple fans, if needed!)  We also got a new camera and so I have been procrastinating on getting the pictures uploaded.  I finally made time to... and thought I would share some pics from the past week or so!

Watching Daddy hang clothes out on the line.  He takes good care of us!

We went out to eat with my parents for Father's Day... 
and of course, had to play the crane game!
Eloise won!

 Eloise "reading" her Father's Day card to Daddy!

Chasing the cat is always a fun past time around here!

Eloise and our neighbor... they love her like a granddaughter! 
Currently, Eloise is fascinated with sunglasses.
They gave her this pair.


 Eloise loves black bean soup.  
She ate 4 bowls last night for dinner!
(Small bowls, of course)

And finally... 


Today we say goodbye to our feathered friends.
I haven't posted about what's been going on at our house...
to make a long story short... we are adding on and
it's been one headache after another.
In our efforts to cut costs, even in small places,
we say goodbye to "The Girls".
We have someone coming to get them this evening.
Thankfully, my mom and sister get enough eggs from their
chickens that we'll never be in short supply!!


  1. So sorry to heart about your grandma- may the memorial service bring you peace.

    Sending prayers and blessings to you and your family,

  2. Oh my....hahahaha...that picture of El eating the black bean soup is *great*!!! ;)

    See you guys later this morning! xoxo


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