Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Rice, Rice Baby!

Well, if you've stuck with me through my lack 
of blogging this past week or so... 
I will now attempt to explain myself. 

Although there really isn't much explaining to do.

This pretty much says it all:

Um.  Yeah.  
Surprise is an understatement.
We weren't expecting this AT ALL.
I think it's still kind of sinking in!!

I think it's kind of odd that my doc called for
an ultrasound so early... but everything looks good
from the blown up pictures we were looking at on the ultra sound machine.

The arrow in the picture is pointing to the head.
The baby is about the size of a grain of rice right now!
(Hence, my post title... I'm a nerd, I know)
Hard to believe such a small little life could create such chaos 
in mama's body!  Though if I only suffer with nausea
the whole time, I will be THRILLED!

I must tell you a little funny story though 
from my appointment yesterday.

I had to have 8 vials of blood taken after my ultrasound.
Different tests and such.
Cory was in the waiting room.

I went in and told the nurse that I didn't like needles...
but "they don't make me pass out or anything".

(hahaha... can you see where this is going??)

After she sucked me dry of blood, I started getting woozy.
She gave me some orange juice to sip... 
but I could feel myself slowly slipping away. 
She kept talking to me and then next thing I knew, 
there were four people around me in case I were to fall out of the chair.  But I swear I felt awake the whole time.  It was so weird!  I heard myself say, "I didn't know I had an audience."
(Where did that come from?  haha)
I was still kind of out-of-it... and they called in Cory.

I finally was able to walk to another room to lay down and Cory
sat beside me.  He told me that he thought I was taking an
awfully long time... and all of a sudden he hears this
alarm thing going off.  He kept thinking... "that can't be her"...
and a few minutes later they came out to get him.
We joked about it - but in all honesty, it really freaked him out.
So we hung out in that little room until I felt good enough to
walk out to the car.  

I was horribly embarrassed.
I even commented to the nurse that 8 vials of blood was a lot!
Then she told me that a little boy just got 5 taken and had just bee-bopped out of the place!  
She also said that one time she took 32 vials at once! 
 So glad THAT wasn't me!

And so glad that is all over with!!!

So... this little girl is going to be a big sister!

And we are hoping that means... BIG HELPER! :)

You know I'll keep you posted!


  1. Ooh, I am the first to comment (yea!) Congratulations on the pleasant surprise. I guess all the doll/mama playing Eloise has been doing will come in hand in a few months!

    Best wishes

  2. I'm in love with that picture of Eloise.
    Super happy for ya'll momma.
    Prayers for you from us!!

  3. Awwwwwww.....that's awesome news, Nen!!!!! So tickled pink (blue, green, yellow...take your pick!) for you and Cory and El!!!! YEAAAAAAA!!!!! What a blessing!!!

  4. whoooo...Congratulations. :) Such a fun post full of many blessings!! May this experiance bring you many joys to your family! :)

  5. So exciting! Congratulations on such wonderful news!

  6. yay! Congratulations!! Your family is growing, how exciting! :) Love and prayers going out to you guys

  7. Oh wow, that is exciting!! Congratulations! :)

  8. OH my gosh, I'm just reading this! Wow, Congrats! That's SUCH big news! I can't believe El will be a big sister and that will be so interesting to see her interact, though, I know she loves babies so she'll probably be so excited!

  9. Love, Love,Love that picture of Big Sister! Wow! What a shock when I came to your blog just now. How wonderful! I wish all of you the best!

  10. Congrats Congrats! Hope your feeling much better since the blood draw. I loved how you shared your journey while expecting El & all her milestones. It will be exciting to follow your journey with this little blessing to. Blessings!


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