Monday, May 21, 2012

Eloise's nap time has turned into Mommy's nap time... and blogging has become a low priority.  

We spend our days playing, reading and... me, I am trying to stay sane between the exhaustion and heartburn I've been battling!  

I am so thankful that the weather has been nice and that we have been able to keep some windows and doors open during the day!  It makes us seem less "cooped up" when we are inside!

We've been feeding this little guy lately.  
(Although he probably won't be little for long at the rate he goes through food!)

Eloise discovered him running around one of our trees one day... and Cory couldn't help himself.  He went out and bought a bird feeder and hung it where Eloise could watch from the window.  I think we are enjoying watching the squirrel and birds just as much as she is!  AND!  There is this giant black squirrel hanging around that I am just waiting to snap a pic of!  He is HUGE!!

Last week, I had to take the cat to the vet.
It is a rather long story... a bit comical too... but I just can't sit here long enough to type it out!  Let's just say, it involved the cat getting loose in my car... and, well, cat poop.
Not fun.

Luckily my sister had a carrier I could borrow for the drive home!

Weezer was NOT amused by all of the havoc we caused her in getting her to and from the vet (I'm sure she wasn't thrilled with being at the vet either!)... and Cory and I were not amused at the almost $200 bill... with no diagnosis of Weezer's issues.  Needless to say - we won't be going back to that vet anytime soon!

I'm off to get the mail and then catch a snooze before Eloise wakes up!  
Happy Monday!!



  1. I love that first photo!!!! Soo sweet! :)

    You know, Weez looks kinda comfy in that cat carrier! ;)

  2. Gideon LOVES bird watching! We don't have many trees so we don't have many squirrels come around but that's sweet El loves to watch them!

    Yeaaaa I'm at $1100 with Scarlet's broken paw.
    and that's just xrays, a splint, and visits.
    Seriously mad about that.
    The vet can be a money racket sometimes.


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