Monday, May 14, 2012

For My Friend...

I have a friend who lives back in my hometown.  
Since I got married and moved, we've kept up via snail mail... which has been a lot of fun!  
She has a couple of kids and has so graciously given me 
hand-me-downs for Eloise over the past year.... 
so to show her my appreciation, 
I made her daughter a pair of soft-sole shoes.

I think they turned out really cute... and she loves them!
They are a Toddler size 8, which is the biggest size I've sewn.
Oddly enough, it was a little more challenging 
than sewing the smaller ones!
I am hoping they hold up well, 
considering the fact that older kids 
are a little more rambunctious and wear things 
out more quickly!
We'll see!

I hope you'll stop by tomorrow... 
I have a really special post to share!


  1. love the print on those cute not-so-little shoes!

  2. Nice fabric and color...Hope she likes wearing them...Great post!


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