Friday, September 30, 2011


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Due to, what is believed to be, a Blogger glitch that hasn't allowed some people to comment on my Giveaway... The rules have been changed and the deadline extended! Please check out THIS post and ENTER my giveaway! It's a great product and I would love for more people to have an opportunity to win!

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fall Fest Fun!

I have to admit... it's pretty humiliating hosting a giveaway... and having no one enter it! I don't know if it's because people aren't visiting my blog... or if people just aren't interested in the product(?). *sigh* Oh well....


This past weekend was the annual Fall Festival that we attend.
Usually my mom and I set up a booth and sell our pottery
and other hand-crafted items...
but being pregnant and then having a baby over the last year means I haven't had
much time for crafting! So instead, my mom brought her pony and did
pony rides... and I painted faces for part of the day.

Eloise got to ride the pony!

She wasn't too sure about it... but she didn't cry.
I think she just didn't know what the heck was going on!
She seems to really love animals, we haven't had issues with
her being afraid of my mom's horses or anything.
And, of course, she loves dogs and cats!!

My grandpa was at the festival for a little bit. I didn't know it because I was
busy painting faces... but Cory disappeared for awhile and came back with
this picture of Eloise, my grandpa and my dad.

I was a little bummed I wasn't there since it was the first time
my grandpa got to meet Eloise. :( But at least they met!!

There was a patch of pumpkins... and we thought it would
be so adorable to have pictures of Eloise amongst the pumpkins
wearing her pumpkin hat (made by Aunt Katy)!

Eloise didn't think that was such a great idea.

I think she felt trapped because she couldn't figure out a way to
crawl out of the pumpkins!

She didn't mind taking some other pictures though!

(This corn one is my favorite!)

Hope you all had a nice weekend!

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It ends Friday!

Friday, September 23, 2011


This Giveaway is CLOSED
**UPDATE: Giveaway Deadline Extended... and Rules Changed! Read on!!**

Today is your lucky day!
I am hosting a wonderful GIVEAWAY that you don't want to miss out on!!

What, oh WHAT could it be?

WOO HOO! Right!?

So here's the thing... I was able to download and review some digital scrapbooking software compliments of My Memories! I love all things paper, sticker, ribbon, stamp... well, you get the idea.... but having a [now] 8 month old, means that I can't just bust out my scrapbooking supplies. Definitely not a good idea to have little pieces of paper and buttons, not to mention scissors and cutting tools, hanging around for my baby to get a hold of (and stick in her mouth!). Gone are the days of cluttering up my coffee table with scrapbooking stuff. At least for now.

I'd heard about digital scrapbooking, but never really knew what it was or how it worked. I was so excited to be able to check out the product from My Memories Suite and see what it was all about.

**Note: My husband did some checking
(the paranoid guy that he is) before I went and downloaded the program. He didn't want me to be loading anything weird onto our computer and compromising our system. He gave me the "thumbs up" that My Memories was a reputable company to be downloading from, etc!**

I got the program downloaded and once my sweet Eloise was down for a nap... I started digging in! Like I said, I am not familiar with digital scrapbooking, so this was all new to me. BUT... it was so EASY! You can choose pre-made layouts or you can create your own with their simple layouts. I chose to create my own... let me show you some of what I made!

I know this is a pretty basic design... but, like I said, I'm new to this!
There are so many embellishments to choose from
(ribbons, bows, flowers, buttons, etc.)

Back in the early part of the summer, I spent HOURS putting together photobooks on an online site (to give to our parents). I SO wish I would have known about My Memories Suite before I went through all of that trouble! The books I made were just basic with photos only (and so expensive!). I wish I would've spent that time making digital scrapbooks! Now I know better!

Anyway, for each page I made... I was able to choose a background paper and color. I could put the pictures and text in the suggested template... but I could also move them around, rotate, shadow, matte, etc.
There were so many options!

I could get pretty fancy, if I wanted... but I like things pretty simple.

I know you are probably saying, "LETS GET TO THE GIVEAWAY PART ALREADY!"

It's coming... but let me share one more page with you!

I did my pages in 8.5" x 11", but you can choose to do them in 12" x 12" as well.
They can be printed and put in a scrapbook!
OR... you can share them online!

My Memories also has other products on their site that you can download to use!
So far, it's been pretty simple! And the best part is that I can sit down at
the computer while Eloise is napping and work on a page or two... and not
have a HUGE mess to clean up! That's definitely a major plus for me!

Ok, ONE more page, I promise!

I used a pre-made layout for this one and since I didn't want to put any text on it, I just added a picture to the box where the text was supposed to go!

So sweet, right?

OK... now... onto the rules/instructions for the Giveaway...
(You do NOT have to have a blog to enter-as long as you have a valid email address!)

**Please note that you MUST do the mandatory entry for any extra entries to qualify!**

**Due to what seems to be a glitch in Blogger... I have had some people email to tell me that they Linkcouldn't comment on this giveaway. I would love to give more people a chance to win this fabulous prize... so if you aren't able to comment on this post, please EMAIL ME ( and let me know which entries you have completed. Instead of using a random number generator to choose the winner... I will put everyone's name in a bowl (example: if you have 4 entries, your name will be put in the bowl 4 times, etc.) and I'll pick a name that way! If you email me, you can send everything in ONE email.**

Deadline is extended to Monday, October 3 at 7:59PM (EST)!

I will post the winner on Oct. 4!

(and also send them an email)

You may also still enter the original way (below)... and any entries already listed will be added to the aforesaid bowl!

Visit MY MEMORIES SUITE website and choose a digital paper pack or layout that is your favorite. Come back here and comment on this post telling me which one you chose. Make sure to leave an email so that I have some way to get in contact with you!
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It's that simple!

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If you have any questions about the software or products... go to the My Memories site and contact them. They've been helpful with my questions! Or, I'd be happy to share more about my experience. (My email is on the right sidebar!)


**Contest ends 10-3-11 at 7:59 PM (EST)**
This Giveaway is CLOSED

Our Girl is 8 Months!

I can hardly believe it's been 8 months since Eloise came into the world.
Well, technically... she was in the world way before that... just in utero! LOL!

Anyway... she is the light of our lives and we are enjoying every moment with her!

She loves to eat anything and everything.
Sweet potatoes, peas and carrots seem to be her favorites though!

She loves animals.
She "chatters" and SQUEALS all of the time!
She also is crawling like a mad woman and pulling herself
up on anything she can!

Her smile is infectious... her giggle is so sweet... and her
personality is fun! Though I hate to see the baby
days pass swiftly away... I look forward to each
day that she grows and changes.

I pray that we can raise her up to be a wonderful woman of God!

Look at those teethies!

Happy 8 months Eloise! We love you!!

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Here Kitty Kitty...

I have been spending my days chasing a very busy little girl. And when I'm not chasing her, feeding her, changing her, playing with her, dancing with her, singing to her.... or anything else with her.... I can usually be found at the sink, doing the dishes.... in the basement, doing the laundry.... or somewhere, doing some other various household task OR, if I'm lucky, spending a little time with my husband. Getting on the computer is a treat these days! Hence the lack of posting. However, If you check back in the next couple of days... you're going to have a chance to check out my Giveaway! WOOT!

Anywho... one of Eloise's favorite things to do is chase the cat!

Ummm... yeah, she pulled herself up there.

Did I mention that not only is she pulling herself up, she is "walking" herself along the furniture to get closer to the cat? Like I said... I've been busy!

Did I also mention that she started pulling herself up in her crib? We had to lower her mattress all of the way! Here she was on Sunday at nap time... she zonked out!

One thing I DID make time to do this week, was make an apple pie for our neighbor. He has been so nice and has mowed our front lawn (I don't even know HOW many times!). I thought an apple pie was the least I could do!

That's an all whole wheat pie crust right there. (Since we have been using whole wheat flour religiously for months--I don't have enough white flour left in my cupboard to make anything with!) Apparently it tasted good because my neighbor called over to thank me and offer me a job as his personal baker. HAHA!

Oh... and on the note of whole wheat... Our family has made the switch over the past number of months. It hasn't been a hard transition... although we do splurge now and then - like if we are out somewhere and we can't get something whole wheat/grain. However, it is my firm belief that eating healthier (no white flour/sugar/processed foods) has aided in my purchase of jeans a size smaller than what I've worn for YEARS! I am excited about that!! I am not "dieting"... I'm just making better choices... and it feels good! If anyone is interested in the whole wheat pie crust recipe, let me know! We still eat our sweets--we just make them with healthier ingredients!

Now, I'm off!... and remember to stop back in the next couple of days. I'm working on putting a giveaway together that you aren't going to want to miss!! Here are a few last pictures of our girl!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Cool Weather = Hot Soup! .. or not...

The other day... this happened...

Roasted Tomato and Basil Soup! (Can you tell that I was anticipating sharing a great recipe?)

Looks good, right!?


Ok... so maybe it WAS good if you like super-tomatoey-notcreamy&smooth types of soups.

I'm not one of those people. I grew up on Campbells!

But in an effort to make my own healthy tomato soup... I tried a recipe I found out of a magazine.

It looks really pretty, right?

It just tasted like semi-bland tomato sauce though. I like tomatoes - but mostly when they are mixed in with other things. This soup was just toooooo much for me. I cringe just thinking of swallowing it! Even Cory, who eats just about anything, was tomatoed out by the time he finished eating.

So disappointing!

However, my neighbor LOVED it! His wife was away for a few days, so I took him over a small bowl (this was before I realized it was just so... tomatoey!). He came over the next day and just RAVED over it. So I gave him the leftovers. His wife told me later that he ate it for dinner that night and then took some in his lunch the next day!

At least someone liked it... and it didn't get wasted!

I think maybe next time I try to make tomato soup.... I'll try to find another recipe!

Have a great weekend!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Little Crawler

Here is a little clip of Eloise crawling!
Our house has been a little chaotic the past week chasing a baby around!
This is about all I have time to post!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Little Banner Love!

I have whole wheat hamburger rolls rising... almost ready to pop in the oven. Then I'm going to start working on homemade sloppy joes... and homemade tater tots! BUT... before I rush off to the kitchen (while Eloise is napping)... I wanted to share with you the banner I made for the day my father-in-law came home from the hospital. It was last week... but I just am now making time to sit and post the picture!

I know it's not the greatest picture... but I was really happy with how it turned out! His homecoming day also happened to be his birthday... so I got a balloon, arranged some flowers in a vase and made a big blue polk-a-dot bow to go around it... and we trekked out to Grammie & Pappy's house to hang up the banner and place the flowers and cards by his chair. It was a nice surprise for him when they got home! And, by the way... he is doing AMAZING! Cancer sure stinks! He is only able to have liquids and foods like Cream of Wheat (YUCK!)... but he is anxious to be able to eat something solid! We are trying to help him keep a positive attitude about it because it's easy to become discouraged drinking Ensure for almost every meal!

You totally have to go over to Love Love and check out the amazing baby shower she and her family threw for a loved one! I love it... I wish I had someone to throw a shower for so I could steal their ideas! HAHA!

Here is my happy baby this AM!

Off to the kitchen I go...

Monday, September 5, 2011


I love this little girl!

Hard to imagine why, huh?

Oh... by the way... She started crawling AND pulling herself up today!
It is going to be zaney in this house!!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

True Story: Chased!

Our little grocery store is nestled on a one way street that runs along the river. Often times, you see ducks and geese hanging out near the bank under the guard rail. Yesterday, Eloise and I stopped at the store to pick up some ice cream for "Pappy". It was his birthday and he was allowed to have ice cream.... so we thought it'd be a nice surprise in his freezer for when he got home from the hospital.

I got out of the car and got El out of her car seat... to turn around and see this funny looking duck in the parking lot. Or maybe it's a goose? I really couldn't tell!!

It was definitely funny looking though... and big!

Eloise watched him and made noises at him as we walked into the store. I have to admit, it was cute!

We found some ice cream and got in the Express Lane........
where a lady was checking out with 20 more items than was appropriate
and gave the cashier the wrong amount of money...
not once... but TWICE!

I actually didn't get annoyed though because I was holding my little
sweetie pie and she just makes everything better!

Well, once we checked out and got outside... the duck/goose was still in the
parking lot. I walked slowly around it. You never know if those
things are going to fly at you or something!
And it started following me!

I'm not kidding. It even picked up speed as I moved more
quickly away from it!

I had to get Eloise in her car seat - but that thing kept coming closer!!
I whisked Eloise around to the other side of the car... and
the duck followed! I rushed around and peeked at it from behind... and
it was literally peeking around the front of my car!

It spotted me and started waddling toward me!!... so Eloise and I
hopped in the back seat and I shut the door!

I took this picture from the back seat!

He must've called his girlfriend over... because they both sat outside
the door for at least 2 minutes before they decided it wasn't
worth the hassle to wait for me to get out!

They waddled away uneventfully... and I got into the
driver's seat.... only to realize that the "girlfriend" was waddling
BEHIND my car!

I know what you're thinking... but thankfully I didn't hit her!
She sure did take her good old time though!

Crazy Birds!