Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Little Banner Love!

I have whole wheat hamburger rolls rising... almost ready to pop in the oven. Then I'm going to start working on homemade sloppy joes... and homemade tater tots! BUT... before I rush off to the kitchen (while Eloise is napping)... I wanted to share with you the banner I made for the day my father-in-law came home from the hospital. It was last week... but I just am now making time to sit and post the picture!

I know it's not the greatest picture... but I was really happy with how it turned out! His homecoming day also happened to be his birthday... so I got a balloon, arranged some flowers in a vase and made a big blue polk-a-dot bow to go around it... and we trekked out to Grammie & Pappy's house to hang up the banner and place the flowers and cards by his chair. It was a nice surprise for him when they got home! And, by the way... he is doing AMAZING! Cancer sure stinks! He is only able to have liquids and foods like Cream of Wheat (YUCK!)... but he is anxious to be able to eat something solid! We are trying to help him keep a positive attitude about it because it's easy to become discouraged drinking Ensure for almost every meal!

You totally have to go over to Love Love and check out the amazing baby shower she and her family threw for a loved one! I love it... I wish I had someone to throw a shower for so I could steal their ideas! HAHA!

Here is my happy baby this AM!

Off to the kitchen I go...

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