Thursday, September 1, 2011

True Story: Chased!

Our little grocery store is nestled on a one way street that runs along the river. Often times, you see ducks and geese hanging out near the bank under the guard rail. Yesterday, Eloise and I stopped at the store to pick up some ice cream for "Pappy". It was his birthday and he was allowed to have ice cream.... so we thought it'd be a nice surprise in his freezer for when he got home from the hospital.

I got out of the car and got El out of her car seat... to turn around and see this funny looking duck in the parking lot. Or maybe it's a goose? I really couldn't tell!!

It was definitely funny looking though... and big!

Eloise watched him and made noises at him as we walked into the store. I have to admit, it was cute!

We found some ice cream and got in the Express Lane........
where a lady was checking out with 20 more items than was appropriate
and gave the cashier the wrong amount of money...
not once... but TWICE!

I actually didn't get annoyed though because I was holding my little
sweetie pie and she just makes everything better!

Well, once we checked out and got outside... the duck/goose was still in the
parking lot. I walked slowly around it. You never know if those
things are going to fly at you or something!
And it started following me!

I'm not kidding. It even picked up speed as I moved more
quickly away from it!

I had to get Eloise in her car seat - but that thing kept coming closer!!
I whisked Eloise around to the other side of the car... and
the duck followed! I rushed around and peeked at it from behind... and
it was literally peeking around the front of my car!

It spotted me and started waddling toward me!!... so Eloise and I
hopped in the back seat and I shut the door!

I took this picture from the back seat!

He must've called his girlfriend over... because they both sat outside
the door for at least 2 minutes before they decided it wasn't
worth the hassle to wait for me to get out!

They waddled away uneventfully... and I got into the
driver's seat.... only to realize that the "girlfriend" was waddling
BEHIND my car!

I know what you're thinking... but thankfully I didn't hit her!
She sure did take her good old time though!

Crazy Birds!


  1. LOL....oh, Nen......I just laughed out loud when I got to the part where they were chasing you around your car....and I could just see that bird peeking back at you. Were you playing "Tag" or "Ring Around the Rosie" or "Keep Away"? And I love that he called over his girlfriend for some fun! Never a dull moment, eh!? Thanks for sharing....this is making me grin, ear to ear!

  2. Bahahahaha... Life stays interesting, doesn't it?!!

  3. Not one but two. Maybe a bit hungry. A near by Mc Donalds here has lots of ducks by the creek. They waddle all around the parking lot begging outside cars for food. French fries seem to be a fav for them. So nice of Eloise & you to go for ice cream for Pappy. So glad no duck bites. My drake chases when my back is turned. Those beaks can pinch. Blessings!


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