Saturday, September 17, 2011

Cool Weather = Hot Soup! .. or not...

The other day... this happened...

Roasted Tomato and Basil Soup! (Can you tell that I was anticipating sharing a great recipe?)

Looks good, right!?


Ok... so maybe it WAS good if you like super-tomatoey-notcreamy&smooth types of soups.

I'm not one of those people. I grew up on Campbells!

But in an effort to make my own healthy tomato soup... I tried a recipe I found out of a magazine.

It looks really pretty, right?

It just tasted like semi-bland tomato sauce though. I like tomatoes - but mostly when they are mixed in with other things. This soup was just toooooo much for me. I cringe just thinking of swallowing it! Even Cory, who eats just about anything, was tomatoed out by the time he finished eating.

So disappointing!

However, my neighbor LOVED it! His wife was away for a few days, so I took him over a small bowl (this was before I realized it was just so... tomatoey!). He came over the next day and just RAVED over it. So I gave him the leftovers. His wife told me later that he ate it for dinner that night and then took some in his lunch the next day!

At least someone liked it... and it didn't get wasted!

I think maybe next time I try to make tomato soup.... I'll try to find another recipe!

Have a great weekend!


  1. The process of making it looks good...and I am glad someone got to enjoy it! :) Do you think you could have added some milk (while making it) to make it with the condensed soup?

  2. That's so funny. You're the third person that I've heard doing this this week, plus myself! I did this and had to really season it with salt and pepper and keep fixing it. I also roasted celery and garlic with the tomatoes. I added chicken stock and basil while pureeing it too. It turned out good. I too grew up with Campbell's so this will just be a base for my wintertime soups... like chili or stuffed pepper soup. Try it again and keep it for a soup base :)~KellyB


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