Thursday, September 22, 2011

Here Kitty Kitty...

I have been spending my days chasing a very busy little girl. And when I'm not chasing her, feeding her, changing her, playing with her, dancing with her, singing to her.... or anything else with her.... I can usually be found at the sink, doing the dishes.... in the basement, doing the laundry.... or somewhere, doing some other various household task OR, if I'm lucky, spending a little time with my husband. Getting on the computer is a treat these days! Hence the lack of posting. However, If you check back in the next couple of days... you're going to have a chance to check out my Giveaway! WOOT!

Anywho... one of Eloise's favorite things to do is chase the cat!

Ummm... yeah, she pulled herself up there.

Did I mention that not only is she pulling herself up, she is "walking" herself along the furniture to get closer to the cat? Like I said... I've been busy!

Did I also mention that she started pulling herself up in her crib? We had to lower her mattress all of the way! Here she was on Sunday at nap time... she zonked out!

One thing I DID make time to do this week, was make an apple pie for our neighbor. He has been so nice and has mowed our front lawn (I don't even know HOW many times!). I thought an apple pie was the least I could do!

That's an all whole wheat pie crust right there. (Since we have been using whole wheat flour religiously for months--I don't have enough white flour left in my cupboard to make anything with!) Apparently it tasted good because my neighbor called over to thank me and offer me a job as his personal baker. HAHA!

Oh... and on the note of whole wheat... Our family has made the switch over the past number of months. It hasn't been a hard transition... although we do splurge now and then - like if we are out somewhere and we can't get something whole wheat/grain. However, it is my firm belief that eating healthier (no white flour/sugar/processed foods) has aided in my purchase of jeans a size smaller than what I've worn for YEARS! I am excited about that!! I am not "dieting"... I'm just making better choices... and it feels good! If anyone is interested in the whole wheat pie crust recipe, let me know! We still eat our sweets--we just make them with healthier ingredients!

Now, I'm off!... and remember to stop back in the next couple of days. I'm working on putting a giveaway together that you aren't going to want to miss!! Here are a few last pictures of our girl!


  1. I forget how darn cute they are when they are that little! Hey, chasing kitties are the perfect walking motivators :) I bet the cat is saying "what's going to happen when this kid can actually chase me?"

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