Monday, November 15, 2010

A Simple Blessing

I spent the weekend in my hometown and attended church at my "home church" with my dad to accompany him (while my mom's away visiting her aunt in Massachusetts) to their Harvest Luncheon.

My dad had invited my grandpa and grandma as well.

As we sat through the service, I couldn't help but notice the fact that my grandma couldn't follow along in the hymnal or the bulletin... (and I was trying not to let it frustrate me).

After the offering, however, we all stood and started to recite The Lord's Prayer.

It was as if God gently nudged me, and I tuned into my grandma's soft voice reciting The Lord's Prayer word-for-word without faltering.

It was a blessing that I needed at that moment.

Just a simple reminder that though our bodies and minds deteriorate in this world... He has so much promise for us in the next.


  1. That was so beautiful...thank you for sharing this. I makes me want to cry. So beautifully sweet!

  2. It's amazing how that prayer, heard at the right time, can be so amazing and powerful. He is soooo good!


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