Monday, November 8, 2010

Crib Time!

After many hours of browsing and researching cribs...
we finally found one that we liked.

But unfortunately, the website and THREE CALLS to the
companies involved in the manufacturing, etc. couldn't tell us
if the paint had been tested for lead.

We decided to look for another crib with more information.

Many hours later... we decided upon a simple crib
with good ratings and good safety info.

It came on Friday!!

Cory double checked it for damage before we (ok, HE) hauled
it upstairs to the babies room. Everything looked good!

Boo wanted to help... you know, making sure things were
well lubricated with doggy slobber for a smoother assembly.

That didn't last long...

Cory pretty much did everything in under an
hour... I just held some pieces for him
(and was in charge of the camera)

It ended up being my job to wipe down the mattress
and put it in the crib (hey, I had to do something!)...

(Yeah, now my task is to get the rest of the room,
like that sewing stuff in the background,
in some semblance of order!)

Taa Daa!!!

Oh, wait...

That's better!!!

Just something simple and practical.
I'm hoping I can peel that warning sticker off.
There is one on every side of the crib, there's no
way to avoid it!

I'm excited to get the bedding set (maybe at my
and put it all together!!


  1. That's sooooo exciting! I bet you just stare at that space imagining a little baby in there soon!

  2. Fun! And what a pretty shape the crib has... Love that your Boo wanted to help...and yes, how sweet of Boo to pose by the finished product :o)

    Blessings & Aloha!
    (doing some blog reading before I go off to work)

  3. oh yay! Having the crib up means you're getting close now! Do you know what kind of theme you're going with for the nursery?

  4. crib looks mean they are still putting lead in crib paints? is that a graco? looking forward to seeing the you know the sex yet? Thanks, Bella


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