Friday, November 19, 2010

A Busy Week!

My apologies for the lack of posting this week...

In all honesty, I have actually been busy!

I was able to hang out with my aunt and 2nd cousin, doing some shopping (Ok, I mostly just looked... but it was nice to get out!) in a town that actually has stores (my little town does not!).

I went out to my parents on Wednesday... then came home and had to head to our last child birth class. So glad those are over!! However, they were informative and I'm glad we went! Plus, we got a tour of the maternity wing, which was nice.

Yesterday, I met my mom in a nearby town to look for a few last minute items for my baby shower (coming up on the 27th). Again, it was nice to get out... especially because we've been having such dreary, rainy weather!

Now, today, after getting a really bad night's sleep... I have lots to do around the house!

So this post is pretty short and sweet... cuz this mama's got things to do!! (And hopefully a nap is in my future as well!)

Happy Friday! Hope you're all getting ready for Thanksgiving!! :)


  1. Glad your week was nice, even if you did just window shop :) Are you having natural childbirth or getting an epidural?

    PS: I know a little something about living in a small PA town with now stores ;)

  2. I'm really looking forward to Thanksgiving!

    We actually didn't attend an actual class, I ended up getting a video from the library to watch at home. I think it was because my husband was getting home late from work during the time the class would have been, so we watched it when we had time. I did end up using the lamaze breathing technique during my labor, before they let me stay at the hospital(then I ended up getting epidural cuz I was exhausted).

    You may remember Spring Hill, and we have gotten so many new stores here in the last 4-5 years so it's not too bad anymore. But once in awhile, a trip to Tampa is in order to go to other stores that we don't have here. :)


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