Monday, February 1, 2010

Valentine's Swap!

Domestic Dork

Last month, I signed up for my first ever Bloggy Swap. It was a Valentine's Swap hosted by Domestic Dork. I was paired up with the lovely Jenn in early January... and began trying to piece together what types of things I might like to send her in a package. We exchanged a couple of emails, where we both really just said that we liked random things! What could be easier than random!? Random, I can do! So... I began to gather some things up... some potato printed note cards, dish cloths that my sis made, valentine socks, chocolate (from a small factory in my hometwon--sorry Jenn, didn't realize you weren't too wild about chocolate... but I hope the hubby liked it!), a flower barrette (similar to THIS)... some earrings that I also made... Hmmm, I think that might be it (I can't remember). The main "rule" was to get your box delivered by February 14th! I was a bit early, but I wrapped it all up in valentine tissue paper and sent out my box a couple of weekends ago. Then... a few days later!! Guess what came in the mail!?

Jenn sent me a number of goodies! Check it out...

Socks, Bath Fizzies, a Pouf, Lotion, Soap, Homemade Choc/PB Chip Cookies, Cute Earrings... AND... the fabric underneath it all that says "Love" all over it... yeah. That's an Apron. She made that! WOO HOO! Here, Let me show you a better picture of it:

(That's my silly husband. He didn't actually put it on, of course, but he is holding it up so you can see the gist)
I love mail... and I especially LOVE packages! Thanks Jenn for all of the great stuff!

Next time you come across a Bloggy Swap, I encourage you to join in the fun!


  1. I'm so glad you liked the apron and everything! And yes, Ben has been happily hoarding the chocolate!

    Mostly, I'm just happy to have gotten to know you a little more through the swap! So much fun :)

  2. How fun!!! You got some great stuff! LOL about the apron...why didn't YOU put it on and have Cory take a pic!? hehe!


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