Friday, February 19, 2010

Flashback Friday #15

I don't have a lot of pictures on my computer from before 2007 ... so for this week's Flashback Friday "Pet Theme"... I had to go with a couple of pictures from only a few years ago. I'm sure I have old pet pics at my parents house somewhere... but that doesn't help me at the moment!!

I've had many pets throughout the years. Cats, dogs, guinea pig, bunnies, horses, fish. Oddly enough, most of them died when my sister and I weren't around. Sounds a little fishy to me... (mom, care to comment?).

Anyway, when I was a junior in high school, I asked if I could get a kitten for my birthday. We had 2 other cats growing up. Leo was our cat when I was young... he accidentally died when a door slammed shut on him. I'm not even kidding! My sister and I had gone to feed the horses before a big storm came. My mom had the front door open (it was without a screen door at that time)... and Leo got curious and went outside (our cats have always been strictly indoors). So my mom went to get him, afraid that he would be terrified to get caught in the major thunderstorm that was coming. The wind was already whipping and tearing... but she couldn't find the cat. Finally, she decided to go back inside, thinking that maybe he had gone back in... and there he was on the ground in front of the door... dead. And the door was shut. It was the weirdest thing... but the only explanation is that he was hit by the door. So sad. Then we got my sister a cat, Jack... who moved with her after she got married..... so then came my desire for another kitty. I finally got the OK around my birthday to get a kitten, and it just so happened that our barn cat had kittens not long before. However, there was only one left. I don't know where the rest of them went... but the mom ended up dying and so there was that one lonely black kitten roaming around. I can still remember going up to her and picking her up. She was so tiny!! And she cried and cried. She lived in my room for awhile, until she got bold enough to venture out to the rest of the house. Oh! But WEIRDEST thing. We often saw a big black cat skulking around the neighborhood... and one day... he showed up outside the open hall window in our upstairs! He actually climbed the tree and walked across the one part of the roof to sit outside the screen. I noticed my kitty, which I named Weezer, at my bedroom doorway crying and looking at the window. It was a family reunion! That big old cat had to be her daddy! And he found her!!! So I let Weezer up to the window and they nuzzled each other through the screen. It was really sweet. The bliss of finding each other was short lived though, because not too long after that... daddy cat was found out on the road... can we say 'road kill'? ICK! But... Weezer became my baby... and she still is... almost 10 years later!

Here she is at my old house (before I got married)... sitting on my (then) neglected sewing machine. I have NO idea why she chose to sit there!
I also had to share a pic of my other baby... Boo. When I bought my first little house (almost 4 years ago), I decided that I wanted to get a puppy. I'd always grown up with a labrador in the house... so naturally that was the kind of dog I wanted to get. Fortunately, my parents knew someone whose dog had just had puppies and they were ready to be away from their mother! So my mom and I went out and met these little girls. (All of the boy pups were already gone). As soon as I got out of the car, I saw these adorable little black balls of fur running around the yard... and wouldn't you know... only ONE of them came to greet me. She licked and licked me... so of course, that puppy became my Boo. (I didn't even consider the other puppies! As soon as she crawled into my lap... it was puppy love!!) She will be 4 in May... and she still loves to give kisses... and she LOVES her "squeakies". (We never had a lab that played with anything other than frisbees or balls.... so having a basketful of toys for Boo is kind of fun!)

Here is our girl (since she is Cory's baby as well) a few years ago at Christmas...(I couldn't resist posting this one with the tongue... whatta shot!)

Do you have any pet pics to share? Join us for Flashback Friday over at Christopher&Tia's!


  1. awww, how sweet that kitty's daddy came to visit her!!! ...not so great about the road kill though, poor fella.

    The picture on the sewing machine is so funny. Cats are so weird.

  2. Aw the Weezer story reminds me of that scene from Dumbo where he visits his mom in the elephant jail & she sings "Baby Mine". Super sweet.

  3. I love your Flashback Friday's...I've read them all!
    Beautiful animals you have!!
    Take care

  4. That is a sweet cat reunion story. :) I like that pic of the cat on the sewing machine hehehe.

    Cute dog! I do think if we end up getting a dog one day, a lab is the type I'd prefer!

  5. That is so cute!! Love the tongue shot! ;0)

  6. What a great shot with the tounge! : )

  7. Yeah... Boo never was able to held her licker! LOL!

    The animals ALL died naturally! I say that God was protecting you and Katy from having to witness their deaths. Poor Leo... Who'da thunk he'd be sitting in that doorway and that the wind would catch it like that? I felt horrible! I was just trying to take advantage of the breeze on a day that had been so hot and with no air movement. When your pets are family, there's no "best" way to lose them!

  8. Hi Devon,
    Just learning a little about who you are my swap partner. You know I love black cats too! My black cat is named skibu - she is 15 years old. she has never sat on my sewing machine!


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