Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Oh... Deer... again!

If you follow my blog at all... you may remember back in October when I posted about having a couple of visitors running around our yard. If you didn't read that post and would like to check it out... go HERE.

Last week Cory and I had our nephew, Jaxson, spend the night at our house. It was his first sleepover at our place. We live about an hour away, so it is hard to coordinate having my niece and nephews sleepover unless my sister or my mom stop over... or I meet them at a town about halfway between. Well, we were about to leave to visit my in-laws for the evening... and Cory noticed that our little friends were back. The deer and the dog. The neighbor had gone outside and was feeding them some dog treats. Since Jaxson was with us... we thought it might be fun to take him over to see the deer. It was romping around the neighbor's front yard. Cory ran to get some cracked corn (that we keep around for the chickens).As you can tell from the picture... this was BEFORE the big snow storms came through. (For a little while, I had this glimmer of hope that all of the snow would be melted and spring would come sooner than expected. *BLAH!*) As I look out the window right now, I feel like I'm looking at a snow globe... it's crazy out there!

Anyway, Jaxson was a little timid when we asked him to pet the deer... which I don't blame the kid... I didn't want to touch the thing either. ICK! We couldn't even get Jax to go NEAR him... until finally I picked him up and we went over together.
The deer didn't even care about us since I was holding out a hand full of NOTHING! LOL. Oh well... it was a memory for Jax's first sleepover to get to see "The Deer"!

Here's Jax right before bed time!
And the next day, we went to visit my grandma in the Alzheimer's Unit. They have this gigantic bear (which is a little creepy, I think) in the TV area. Jaxson took a liking to it... he's such a little ham!
It was fun having a kid around for a little while... but eventually he had to go home and life went back to normal for me and Cory!!

Well, I'm off to finish up a good book... "Sometimes A Light Surprises" by Jamie Langston Turner! I hope you're all staying warm and cozy--especially those of you being graced by the snow, snow and MORE snow!


  1. okay, bambi looks like its wearing a collar - is it someone's pet?

    I've lived on the edge of the woods my entire life, and have never been so close to a deer! I'm jealous!

    Your nephew is adorable!

    We've got a white-out right now, fun fun. Stay warm and dry!

  2. Nen, I'm soooo happy to see you today! This is kinda weird coz I've been wondering about you and then there you are! Loved getting to see Jaxon and you meeting Bambi! WHAT a memory he will have forever!! Jaxon not the deer. lol You're such a good Auntie.
    Do you know EVERY time I see a vw bug... I still think of you? HAAA
    I didn't know yall had a relative in the alzheimers unit. I'm really sorry. I know how hard that is. Myguys' Grama had alzheimers.
    Love to yall this beeeaeutiful WINTER DAY.
    Hugs and holykisses
    Lea xoxo

  3. oh man, we live in the middle of nowhere and constantly have deer in our yard (always fun to dodge deer poop balls when you're outside).

    I've never ever gotten that close to them before though! I'm too much of a sissy for that, what can I say, I've seen one too many episodes of When Animals Attack, lol.

    For now I'm living vicariously though you :)

  4. your nephew is adorable - looks like he had a lot of fun!

    I also want to second Jenn's comment above - is that a collar on the deer? So weird... I've seen anything like that before.

  5. I have an award waiting for you on my blog!

  6. The deer is wearing a bright orange bandana.... we think a neighbor back the one road has been domesticating the it. We happened upon the guy with it one day when we were on a walk with our dog... that's why it's so friendly.


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