Friday, February 5, 2010

Flashback Friday #13

All of my school pictures are at my parent's house... so I had to dig through some old photos that I had in my spare room. (I still can't find my stinking scrapbook and photo albums... I really hope they are at my parent's house since they definitely aren't HERE!) I couldn't pass these pictures up once I found them...

When I was 7, I had the opportunity to go with my mom, aunt, uncle and cousin on a bus trip to Toronto, Canada. It wasn't a super-long trip... since Pennsylvania is kind of near Canada... however, as a kid... it seemed like THE LONGEST RIDE EVER! I remember on the way home, I was snoozing... and I just happened to look out the window right as we passed a sign for my town - 30 miles to go! I just could not even imagine how we would EVER get there! Of course, I had no idea what 30 miles even really meant... it just seemed like A LOT of miles! But, I fell back asleep and was home before I knew it!

On our trip, I remember going to Niagara Falls and having to wear a raincoat while riding one of the boats out near the Falls. I also remember my mom bribing me with these BIG globe earrings to get my picture taken at a "Old Fashioned Picture Place". I loved those earrings... and totally wore them until they fell apart (which I then used the globe part as a Barbie Globe... because you know... Barbie needs a thing like a globe when she is teaching geography!).

Anyway, without further a-do... here I am (apparently surprised), sitting next to my step-cousin (is she picking her nose?). I don't remember where this was... maybe the Zoo? The woman and man in the front are my aunt and (ex)uncle...

Nice Glasses.

But wait... let me show you a close up of my outfit...

Notice the stone-washed PUFFY jeans that my mom dyed pink. (I LOVED those jeans!) My bright green sandals with a bow. My sweater had some kind of animal on it... I can't remember what--but it was kind of cute. AND... the purse. My FAVORITE purse. I carried that jean purse EVERYWHERE! I miss that purse... I would so totally carry it now.

One of these days, I'll have to find and post a picture of me with those globe earrings...

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  1. Holy crap you were cute. Why didn't I have pink puffy denim pants with matching purse?! Because I wasn't cool like you, haha.

  2. You are SO cute!!! That is one thing I love looking at..all the clothes we use to wear. Just wait, 20 years from now, we will be doing it all again!

  3. You were rockin those pink jeans! haha Very cute pictures.

  4. Oh my goodness....ahahahahaha!!! You and that purse...AHAHAHAHA! Your outfit is soo funny! I can't believe mom let us dress like that....

  5. Yepper, often I look at photos of when I was growing up and I see the clothes and the hair and all I can say is, "What was I thinking!"

  6. oh my goodness I had some puffy jeans too! I think my picture is under my retro fall photos.

  7. You were so stylish! I remember having some clothes that I absolutely loved and I was hard pressed to take them off. Those pink jeans really make a fashion statement! Love 'em.

  8. I love reading your flashback Fridays! I'm pretty sure I had globe earrings too!

  9. Hi Nen, thanks for coming by to visit me.. all the way in Spain. =)

    I actually am doing a different Friday Photo Flashback meme so wonder how you found my blog. I followed your link to Christopher and Tia´s. HOw cool there are a few blogs doing this. I am sure there are probably tons. The bloggy world is big but mine consists of Christian Sisters mostly. So I am so glad to have met you.

    Hope to come by more.

    In Christ
    Dani Joy

  10. These were great! And I love your sense of humor! lol!

    ...came over through another blogger's and so glad that I did! I'll be following blogging time now that I work full time, but I'll be back :o)

    Truly...I ask myself all the time...who got to pick what fashions were like in the 80's??? haha

    Blessings & Aloha!

  11. cute were you!!! Love the whole ensemble!

    I remember car trips feeling sooo long! But, the best thing was falling asleep and when you woke up, were there!!

  12. LOLOLOL, the puffy jeans are sooo funny!!! {You poor thing!!}


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