Sunday, July 13, 2008

My Weekend

I just wanted to share a bit with you about my weekend. I will try not to bore you too much!

First, this is some of the pottery I made on my DAY OFF! (I wish there were more days off....)

Originally I was going to be going to a festival to sell some pottery, etc this weekend... but I just didn't have enough inventory. So I decided to work on making some. Also, I had requested off from the teen center... so the opportunity arose to go to the Dirt Track Races with my dad. I COULD have gone to the teen center in all reality... but since I'd had it planned off and Cory went to a baseball game with a friend... I was glad to be able to spend time with my dad.

That was all on Friday... which I also was able to go with my sister and her daughter to the mall to exchange some shoes. My niece is a flower girl in a wedding and the shoes they got were too small.

Saturday, Cory's parents came out again with a Ditch-Witch. Cory's dad dug the ditch to lay the pipe for my gas line... and then Cory and I spent the morning digging out places that were close to the house. (Too close for the machine) We had to cover it all with plastic because of impending rain - and as we were putting rocks and such down so the plastic would stay put... I happened to have a few boards in my arms to use... and ssssslllllliiiippp... one fell out and jammed me in the leg and slammed onto the top of my foot. Brought tears to my eyes! It hurt BAD.. and it still hurts! It's swollen and a bit bruised. NOT FUN.

Saturday afternoon, my mom called after having ridden her horse for like 4 hours. She was about two miles from home and she couldn't get him (Coby) to drink water. So, I met her at the top of a hill with a bucket of water, hoping he would drink from that since he wasn't wanting to drink from the stream.... and it was a no go. My mom was pooped and sore... so I offered to ride him the last mile home. That was interesting, considering I haven't been riding in years (other than a brief stint back the road that lasted maybe 5-10 mins). It went pretty well though and he was SO glad to be home! And I think my mom was glad to have the break and drive my car back!

Saturday evening, Cory and I drove out to a field where my mom was getting hay... and helped her and my brother in law throw bales onto the back of my dad's tiltbed. Talk about using muscles I didn't know I had!!! We walked along the truck and picked them up, threw them on and kept walking to the next, etc. As we were getting ready to go back to the barn, my bro-in-law noticed that we'd blown a brake line. So, he had to baby the thing the whole way home... then we unloaded the hay. (TIRING!) Then, they were able to crimp the line and go back and get another small load of hay (since it was supposed to rain, they had to get it all done)... and then came back and we unloaded all of that. A total of 150 bales tossed around!

Today was church... then out to eat with dad and Cory... then to the grocery store... then home, wrapped presents and headed out to my sister's for her daughters birthday party. I can't believe she is 7!! Unfortunately it was POURING... so we had to cram inside... but it seemed to go pretty good. You can see pics HERE.

I hope you all had a nice weekend! Mine was BUSY and sore!!!

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  1. Wow, you had a very productive weekend! The dirt track looked like fun! I hope that your get your gas lines all squared away soon! I can feel your pain though. Danny and I laid over 350 feet of water line last year with the help of a tractor, shovels, and some cousins! hehe We also helped collect square hay bales during the summers. One year I got to drive the tractor around the farm (it had a/c, so I was spoiled). hehe But you're right, it takes a lot of muscles to toss those things. And I was allergic to the hay which was not fun at all. I don't know how people do that several times a year in the Texas heat either. Danny got a bad heat stroke one summer from helping out all day. But, I know we'd never trade the experiences for the world! Ah, good ol' country living! (What's that old saying, "It'll grows hair on your chest!") LOL! ~Jillian~


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