Friday, July 11, 2008

Gas Line Woes...

Note to self: Never ever ever ever leave your house in disarray... EVER.

Yesterday, Cory and his dad were coming out after work to help dig for the installation of a new gas pipe for my house. I figured I would have a little time to come home... straighten up and bit and then help them out once they came. I pull into the driveway to find that Cory's dad's truck is already at my house. Then, getting out of my car... my mom's dog --who should've been tied up outside, since it was a nice day-- must have broken free... because she walked over to me with those "rescue me!" eyes. (she's getting old and was rather tired... she wanted to go inside and lay down. used to be we could never catch her when she got loose!) So, I let the dog in the house, grabbed my stuff and came around to say something to Cory's dad. He disappeared! So, I walked in the house and set my lunch box down... glancing out the kitchen window... I see... Cory's MOM and DAD!!!! Panic struck. My house was a mess! I usually live in a mess... because it's darn hard working FT and then coming home to take care of a house. And it was even more of a mess because I'd been going through stuff for yard sale, etc. So... I had to let Boo out... and of course, she ran right over to them. I brought her back inside and went on a rampage of shoving things out of sight, putting dishes away... making sure the bathroom was clean... etc. Yikes!!! They probably thought I was looooooney! I'm sure they could hear me banging stuff around, etc. Shoot! So, then.. I went outside to help. The night before, Cory and I had started digging. But... Ummm... I told him to dig in the wrong spot. ARGH! I wasn't really paying attention, I guess, when my dad was telling me what needed to happen. So I spent time shoveling dirt back in that hole... and trying to save the pieces of grass to pack down on top. Wouldn't you know it... even though I KNEW it was there... I stepped right in a BIG pile of dog-doo-doo. Sheesh! I could smell it... looked around... and saw a foot print in the one pile... then realized... TAA DAA! It was on my foot... luckily I was wearing my work boots. But still. It reeeeeked!! Cory's dad was right there. I was so embarrassed... I said, "I guess I was the lucky one today! Stepped right on a land mine!" and kind of shook my head. He snickered. I should've just kept my mouth shut. Well, finally Cory came from work and then I went to help his mom at the other end of the pipe--by the house. She was digging where they are going to move the meter. Of course, what did she find? That the pipe comes out from the house a couple of feet (underground)... then T's off toward the back of the house! Must go to the furnace... it's the only thing other than the stove that is gas. So, that causes a problem... because we were pretty sure that the plumber didn't know this. I don't like calling people--especially people I don't know. So I went over to my mom's and conned her into calling the guy. He pretty much said not to worry about it... he'd take a look at it and determine what needs to happen... "If its a lil more work--its a lil more work" --- HA! Yeah! On MY dollar!! So, we made the decision to keep digging... and Cory's dad is going to bring a ditch-wich (?) out today to dig the area from the road to the house. I dunno... but it was so crazy. It was stressing me out. It always seems to be more than what was expected (or hoped for). My mom came out and was helping dig... and we chit chatted with Cory's mom... at one point they stopped digging and went over somewhere... looking at flowers or something... and I didn't know where Cory was. Guess where I found him? He sort of looks like the Hunchback... since he's all scrunched in there and squinting from the sun! LOL (sorry Cor). A little later, Boo was lurking around... and I told her to go find Cory... and she sniffed around and looked for him... and finally found him in the hole... and almost fell in on top of him! Whhhoooops! Also, Boo decided that she likes baby binkies. The neighbor's little girl dropped hers outside... and Boo got it..... 3 times. Oops! Anyway... it was a bit zaney... and like I said... Cory's dad is bringing a digger thingy out to dig today. I need to go get a shower before he comes. I was hoping to throw some pottery today - I took the day off! (Hallelujah!)

Oh, one more thing... back when I worked in the office... and wasn't piddling around painting racks and such. I was in charge of an account from this one place in Ohio. I had to go back and forth with this one lady about inventory and such... and we found out that we both had Lab dogs (she has TWO!)... and constantly kept in touch even though I've changed positions, TWICE. So yesterday at work... I get an email - which was actually from the day before after I'd left... that she was going to be visiting the plant. Holy Crap! I was in old holey jeans (not really allowed.. but umm.. oh well), a crappy old tshirt, a bandana, no make up... and boots. But She wanted to finally meet me. So, the one guy paged me to go up when she was there.. and man, I felt like such a goober! I felt like I had to keep apologizing for the way I looked. She asked about Boo, etc. It's funny how you have a mental picture of someone and they look NOTHING like what you thought once you actually meet them! I was glad to meet her though, she was really nice... even if I did feel like a geek.

Well, I really gotta get hoppin' - don't want to be in my PJ's when Cory's dad shows up!!

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