Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The County Fair


cory and i went to the fair tonight. my parents had free passes.... ummmm.. it was pretty lame. we walked around a little... looked at the animals and watched the kart races. then we walked up the food aisle and to the rides/games to see if there was skee-ball. (we are skee-ball and crane machine FREAKS!--how did i get so lucky!?)... but there wasn't anything but stupid stuff. and this guy yells out "hey YOU! with the haircut!".... cory and i looked at each other. cory is bald. head freshly shaven this morning. i was like "was he talking to you??" and we laughed... and then like 5 other guys started yelling at us (the carnies) to come play some games... "show your girl what you can do". YIKES. lol! we didn't... they probably thought we were snobs.. but they were embarassing! LOL! then i was in line to get a bottle of water.. and they had this little petting zoo there. they had CAMELS! (i love camels) well.. the signs say to lay your hands flat while feeding the animals... and this girl was like pinching a treat in her fingers trying to feed the camel... and i was watching... waiting for the camel to bite off her fingers... LOL... and i was holding up the line. i finally realized it.. and i was like AHHH! SORRY!! sheesh! but yeah.. it was pretty stinky. i guess i didn't expect anything GREAT... and at least we got in for free... and most importantly - we were there together!

(oh yeah... and i do want a miniature horse now. they are SO cute!!!)

tomorrow is a big day at work. we have a customer coming. a pretty important customer. so... i am sitting here waiting to switch laundry so i have some half decent clothes to wear (even though i work in the shop). i imagine that i will end up stenciling racks again tomorrow. yeah, that's right... i was stenciling today and the day before as well. i don't know how long i can take it. BUT! i did see an ad in the paper for a secretary job at the school. it's only for 12 months--which would be NICE if cory and i get married like next spring. i would end up moving closer to his job... and so after the 12 months is up--i could find something in the new area. oh... and did i mention that my current employer is rumored to be laying off 15% of the employees? we have about 450 employees total. you do the math... i know i can't! (LOL--at least without a calculator). i pray that they lay me off... i know, horrible... but if i could have a little unemployment coming in and still have time to go look for a new job---that would be GRAND. unfortunately--no one else knows how to do my job. CRAP. so i'm screwed. i pretty much have to stay. and my coworker who is in receiving... yeah. she may have found a job that she can WALK to from home! sweet! so if she leaves.. i may be back to my shipping and receiving position. we'll see.

laundry just buzzed---gotta go switch them around. pray for me tomorrow at work (that i don't scratch my eyeballs out... and also that my gas hook up goes well.... i am hoping the guy doesn't have to drill through my walls and such!!)

***OH! on a sad note.. :( a family who is neighbors with my aunt and uncle lost their little boy today. he was 2 yrs old... drowned in their swimming pool. i don't know the whole story word for word... but the version i got was that they couldn't find him... so they checked the pool but didn't see him. they went around checking in the neighborhood... nothing. when they came back home.. the dad went back to the pool and there was a raft type thing on the water... and when he moved it... the little boy was under it. i heard they were trying to revive him.... but as far as i know... he didn't make it. :( please please please pray for his family. i think of my sisters kids and how awful it would be to lose one of them. i just can't imagine what they are going through.***


  1. I know....soooo sad about aunt wendy's neighbors...i can't think about it too much or i cry...i prayed and prayed for him.

    Chris and I are going to the fair tonight. He wanted to see the mud bogging thingy and go to the livestock auction..and as long as I am with him...i am HAPPY!!! :)

  2. Hey Devon! I know it's been awhile! We finally made it to Groton. We've been here for a few days and living out of hotels. Sean and I are looking for a place, but if we don't find anything we really like in 2 weeks we'll be moving into military housing. I hope to get a PO box in the next few days to at least have an address. Anyway, I'll write you as soon as I have any more info.!


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