Monday, June 29, 2015

7 Months

This little miss turned 7 months on the 26th!


Time flies, as I'm sure I've stated a million times before!

Currently Audra is enjoying sitting up on her own, scootching to get where she wants to go and making a huge mess with her toys.  It's amazing what a mess a little baby can make if you leave enough things within her reach!


She hasn't started crawling yet (thank goodness!), but she seems to be on the cusp of starting!  I am in no hurry, having had my other two WALKING around 9 months.  I am just not ready for that again.  It's fun to watch her try to move around and figure things out.... lets just hold off on the walking for awhile!

She still wakes up once or twice to eat at night... but otherwise sleeps like a champ.  Nap times are a blessing because it gives me a chance to get things done or focus on my other two!

We waited until after she was 6 months to start solids.  We try to do a mix of purees and finger foods.  She makes the funniest faces when she eats green beans, but she still opens up for more so I'm assuming she likes it!

Her giggle is contagious, as is her smile.  And she loves watching her sisters.  I think she gets frustrated at times not being able to play with them.  And they get frustrated when she invades their toys (and that we've had to round up all of the choking hazards and put them away for now).

What a sweet sweet blessing little Audra is!
Happy 7 Months! 


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