Friday, June 26, 2015

Seeing Clearly

Today... Audra is 7 months old.  

I plan to do a little post about it, but it will have to be later.....

We are soon to be on our way to the Eye Doctor (a little over an hour away).  Eloise had reported seeing "red dots" on her bedroom ceiling at night when it was dark.  She has a small nightlight, but it is very insignificant.  We quizzed her on it trying to make sure she wasn't pretending, yadda yadda... and with everything Cory has gone through with his dad's brain tumors (and his own retina detaching and needing laser surgery), we figured it would be best to get her checked out.  The nearest Pediatric Opthomologist office is, like I mentioned, over an hour away.  So Cory was able to get her in this past Wednesday and he took her down while I stayed home with the other two.  I won't go into detail about the appointment, since I wasn't there I don't have great information anyway... however, it was determined that Eloise is 300% far-sighted.  I had no idea what that meant and called my sister to share my woes after Cory had called me to break the news.  I still don't really know what it is... other than it's not good.  I guess I could Google it... but I almost dread knowing (though I WILL look it up at some point soon).  All I know is that the doctor was SO thankful we brought her in when we did because had we let it go longer, it is possible she would have gone cross-eyed or ended up with a lazy eye.  He was surprised that she loves to read (and reads so well at only 4.5) because most kids have a difficult time with it.  He said that she must be finding a way to compensate for how poor her eyesight is.  I don't really understand how you can do that, besides holding something closer or farther away.  But they are the professionals, so we are trusting what they say!  He also said that out of the 50 patients he'd recently seen... he would hold up a silhouette of a chipmunk... and not ONE kid got it right... until his last appointment of the day.  Eloise.  That's my girl!  Everyone else thought it was a squirrel!  

I have to admit, I feel like I've somehow let her down.  Don't get me wrong, I know it could be worse.  And I know LOTS of people wear glasses (I wear them to drive).  But this poor girl with her food allergies and asthma issues... now this.  Sheesh.  Apparently it's genetic.  And Dinah will be tested at 3 yrs... if she has poor eyesight, then it's almost guaranteed that Audra will.  I truly hope and pray that they are OK!  I can't stand wearing glasses!  I always feel like they're in my way!  I suppose it's something you get used to though!  And it's not the end of the world.  I actually am excited for her.  To think - it will open up a whole new world for her.  Things she thought she could see... will be clear and in focus.  I may just have to video her reaction to putting on her glasses for the first time!  (Making a mental note....)

SO... today... we pick out frames.  Cory told me to let her choose whatever she wanted.  Even if they are bright purple.  Hmmm.......

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  1. I hope the appointment goes well. I think since mom gets to go with you this time, I should get to go with you when you pick them up!!! :D

    Love Audra-girl too!!! 7 months!? Yahoo!!! :)


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