Monday, June 1, 2015

Hooray for Harvest!

This weekend we were able to harvest 
some of the radishes in our little garden!!

I admit, it was tough having little hands help PLANT the garden... 
but having them help with harvest was a much more 
pleasurable experience.  Less room for error 
(as Dinah dropped about half our carrot seeds in the 
grass when we were trying to plant awhile back!  Oops!).

The girls were excited to see each radish as it was revealed... 
and, of course, we had to stop to watch the 
helicopter flying low over us!

Since our garden is quite small, we didn't get a lot... 
but that was expected.  We have more radish growing in 
another rotation.  We shared a few with my in-laws and
 then cut up the rest for ourselves! 

My only complaint was that we had some type of 
insect that would burrow holes in some of the radishes.  
That meant we ended up having to toss several of them.  
Any tips on how to naturally repel pests?


  1. Yeah! Radishes are nice to grow because they grow so fast! Mine are just about ready to pull up. As far as a natural insect repellant? I don't use anything on my garden, but I have seen some "natural repellants" sold at garden centers. I think my hubby bought one once to use on something in our big garden. Other than that though, I pretty much go with the flow. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

  2. I enjoyed a visit through your blog to see how the girls are growing. The baby is growing up so fast it seems to me. They are adorable. Your garden is looking great. Clyde is not able to plant anything this year except for some lettuce seeds he threw into dirt in an old wheelbarrow. I had a salad for supper using some of it. I miss the tomatoes, squash, zucchini, that he grew.
    Love ya!


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