Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Lookie Here!

Today was my mid-point ultrasound!
I won't have another unless a problem arises 
(Lord willing, that won't happen!).

I know it's hard for some people to "see" the baby 
in the ultrasound images, 
so I will do my best to explain them, just in case!

This one (below) is of the baby lying sideways - looking out.
The head is on the left... you can see the top of the head 
and an eye socket, nose and even the mouth.
It was open so it showed up on the picture.
I think it kind of looks like a smile! :)
The big circle on the right is the belly.

This one is a profile.  
You can see the nose.
The rest is the body and the legs sticking up (to the knees). 
Not sure where the arms are in this pic... but I 
believe the bright white line at the bottom of the body
is the spine.

We got several pictures, but they were mostly repeats
and these two were the most clear.
And don't worry - Baby does have arms and legs, though
the pictures are deceiving.  I saw quite a few
where the arms were up by the head and we even saw
the bottom of the feet.  :)

We also were fortunate to see the baby's tongue moving
at one point!  That was pretty neat!

We asked the ultrasound tech NOT to tell us the gender, 
but it turns out that the baby was in such a funky position
that she couldn't tell either!  So that worked out!

It was exciting to watch the screen...
and made it seem more real that we'll be welcoming
a new little bundle before we know it!

I continuously pray for a healthy pregnancy and baby!


  1. What an exciting time! Are the girls hoping for a baby sister?


  2. Dinah still has no clue that a baby is going to be living with us... but Eloise is insistent that she's going to have a brother... even has a nickname picked out for "him". I am hoping to have someone video her reaction when she finds out if she has a sister or brother. It could be a happy or an upset reaction and I don't want to miss it while I'm in the hospital... it will most likely be entertaining! :)

    1. I left a comment and don't know if it showed up or not.

  3. Adorable u/s pics of the baby! It does look like he/she is smiling in the first one.

  4. Devon, I have tried over and over again to leave a comment. I don't know what is wrong. I have not forgotten about you.
    Love ya!


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