Friday, July 18, 2014

Birthday Decor Project... Revealed!

A few posts back I shared some fabric that my mom and I had picked
 out for a little project for my niece's 13th birthday party.  You can find it HERE.

Well, unfortunately, this is the only picture I got of it! 

 I hung it real quick at my house with the intention of taking pictures
once it was all set up at the party... but well... 
if you read my sister's post you will see what a hectic time it ended up being with the weather!

These are the only pictures I snapped the whole evening!  Oops! 

 (Showing Madelyn the picture they colored for her)

 (Swinging before the deluge!)

 (Eloise was lucky to have her cousin to give her some big pushes on the swing!)

 (Cory and I took the girls and Madelyn to my sis's house during a tornado warning... my girls always love the piano!!)

Thankfully my sister got pictures as well as she could...
and the evening ended up a success!

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