Saturday, July 19, 2014

20 Weeks

Tomorrow I will be 21 weeks, however I am just now getting 
around to posting my 20 week pic!  


Don't mind me in my lounging around clothes... 
Cory's old Tshirt and some boxer shorts
 I've had since I was 15! 
 Gotta be comfortable... at least when you're at home, right?

I have been feeling the baby move since between 13 & 14 weeks.
Some say that's too early... but when you're on your 3rd kiddo... 
ya know what you're feeling! 
 Not to mention your muscles and insides aren't what they used to be!
I am definitely showing a lot more at 20 weeks with this one,
 but that is to be expected as well.  
My doctor is pleased with my weight gain
 (though, of course, I'm hard on myself!).
And we have an ultrasound on Tuesday.
Sorry for those of you who like an early surprise...
We won't be finding out Baby's gender until Delivery Day!

Our hospital recently merged with another in terms of their 
Name and Policies, etc.
They decided to close our Maternity Ward and move it all 
to the next town over, which is a 20-25 min drive
 (or longer if there is winter weather).
My doctor has joined with about 5 other doctors in rotating schedules, so
it's not likely I'll actually have him deliver my baby - but you never know!
He did advise me to GET TO THE HOSPITAL... when I'm well into 
my labor since Dinah came SO fast last time!
(12 mins in the hospital and we had a baby!)
We don't want Cory to be delivering a baby in the car... 
especially in the cold Nov/Dec weather!

I am a bit disappointed that we will not be at our local hospital this 
time around (3 minute drive anyone?  Yes Please!), 
but it is what it is!  As long as the doctors/nurses adhere to my birth plan (assuming there are no emergencies that arise), it'll be fine, I'm sure!

Hard to believe I'm over halfway now... 
Eloise insists it's a boy....
We shall see!

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