Wednesday, October 9, 2013

We Love to Paint!

Eloise and I enjoyed painting some pumpkins last evening!
El was so excited when I mentioned that I was going to get her "smock"... 
she also asked for a Beret!
We have a Max and Ruby book where they paint pictures of rainbows for their grandma... they, of course, wear smocks and berets.  How could I say no?  And luckily, I actually had one for her to wear!!

I even painted a pumpkin JUST for her... 
I wish I could've gotten her expression on camera when she saw it!
It was priceless!
She just LOVES Peter Pan!


Do you prefer to carve or paint?
I love the look of a carved pumpkin lit up at night... but I sure don't enjoy the mess!
Painting is a much better option for us at this point!

Hope you enjoyed the pics!
I would love to see pictures of any pumpkin creations you or your littles may have done!


  1. This is adorable! So much fun!
    We always carved ours, and the kids enjoyed the smell of the pumpkins. Of course nothing beats separating the seeds (for baking / eating) from the "pumpkin guts." ( ;


  2. You are so talented and Eloise is going to be too! I really like the painted ones. The ice cream in your next post looks so good. I just found out that I am pre diabetic and having to watch carbs and sugar. I am so confused at what I can eat and not eat. I found out that I have high blood pressure and sugar after my fall.


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