Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Fall Fest Time!

I almost forgot to post about our little Fall Festival trip at the end of September! 
 I have put together several collages to share our day with you!


Petting zoo!
Isn't that itty bitty pig SO cute!?

Me and El posing in the pumpkin mural!  
(My eyes are open in the left pic.. I was looking down/over at El)

My dad brought my camper, Murray (yes, he has a name!) for us to hang out in if we needed some privacy for nursing and what-not.  Eloise enjoyed "driving!"

A wagon ride was enjoyed by me and El while Dinah and Daddy watched!  First time in the 10+ years of coming to the festival that I rode the wagon!  It was fun and Eloise was a chatterbox!

And of course, more of the petting zoo.  One of the goats did it's business and Eloise was being dramatic over the smell!  That's my girl... always dramatic!

It was a beautiful day for a festival and I am thankful that I could share it with those I love!

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  1. You still got the VW just wonderful fun to be had. So El gets Mom in the wagon. She will remember for years to come. Fall festivals always so fun. Girls are cute little pumpkins. Lara


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