Saturday, October 26, 2013

Happy Halloween!

We don't really "do" Halloween as far as the Trick-or-Treating goes (hello, food allergies!)... but I just love dressing the girls up and taking them to see friends and family.  Yesterday we took a trip to my hometown to visit an old folks home for their Halloween Party and also to see my sister's family and my parents.  

Please say "Hello!" to Peter Pan....

And Tinker Bell!

We look forward to Peter Pan and Tink "reappearing" next week to 
visit my in-laws, neighbors and friends!!


  1. I just love their costumes! You did such a wonderful job with them!

  2. Oh my they are both just so cute. The costumes you made are perfect.

  3. sooooo fun! that peter pan outfit is beyond adorable!


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