Thursday, September 13, 2012

Project... Nap Time.

I've been really tired lately.  
My normal "nap when Eloise naps" routine has taken a back seat to some projects... 
and it's starting to catch up with me!

But it's good to feel accomplished!

My aunt had asked me to sew her a shower curtain... MONTHS ago.
I'd never done this before, but figured "it's just a big square."

How hard could it be, right?

Well, let's just say that I have been putting it off for a long time... 
and finally I asked my mom to come help me figure out all of the math and
measuring it would take.  It was not *just* a square.  It was a whole
lot of time and patience!  There were stripes to match up and many other 
things to take into consideration.  Not to mention that it was heavy fabric and hard
to get through the sewing machine since it gravitated heavily toward the ground!

BUT, we got it done while Eloise napped (almost 3 hours!)...and
I am happy to be done with it!

And... I didn't take a picture to post because once that thing was done... 
I folded it up and stuffed it in the bag.
I wash my hands of it completely!!!!

Never again will I sew a shower curtain like that!
Not even if I was paid to do it!

(Checking out a lady bug)

That same night, we took Eloise outside to play and we ended up chit chatting
with our neighbors.  Wouldn't you know, my neigbor was hoping I could help her with a sewing
project for her living room curtains!  I am not a creative sewer.  I like a pattern and I usually
stick with it.  She is not a sewer at all... and she was hoping I could help her 
rig up some way to make a valance... it's just even too confusing to type out.

I kind of just took a pass on it... but then the next morning, while talking to my mom 
about it, she had some ideas.  Wouldn't you know, my neighbors were gone for the day to
visit their granddaughter... and I just happen to be able to get into their house!

So my mom brought over some white lights and berry garland and we set to work on a surprise!
Well, mostly my mom did it... but I helped with a few things!

It turned out really nice.
Of course, I didn't get a picture of that either.  
But take my word for it.. it was pretty!

And when my neighbors got home a little after 8PM and walked into their house,
they were pleasantly surprised!  The wife called me right up, almost in tears because she
was just so tickled about it!  And even today when we saw her, she just couldn't
stop thanking me!

It was really nice to be able to do that for them... 
and I totally credit my mom!!

On top of all of that... and also taking Eloise to Toddler Time at the Library
and out to visit my in-laws today... I have been spending "nap time"
sewing more baby shoes!  I am gearing up for the Fall Festival
at the end of the month.  I gave myself a goal of sewing at least one
pair a day, two if I can.

I won't have too many pairs to offer... but at least people will see what I can do
and perhaps I can drum up some custom orders.

I hope you'll check out my latest shoe creations over at my

And I couldn't resist posting this picture of Eloise.
She was modeling her "necklace" that she made with her giant wooden beads.
She is such a hoot!



  1. Hi Devon i follow your sister Katy's blog and often visit your blog, your daughter is so funny!
    Have a restful weekend... as best as you can. Best wishes jackie x

  2. You have been on a roll! Don't over do it. Love Eloise. Our Noah will be here the first weekend in October and I can hardly wait. We went to a consignment shop and bought a pak 'n play for him to sleep in and a big bag of large blocks like Lego's. They had such nice things at this consignment shop--don't know why anyone would want to buy new when you can get like-new there.
    Love ya!


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