Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Card Time!

Well, since I changed my blog around...
and used my Christmas Card pics in the header...
I figured I'd share them in a post too!

This year I had no time to make my own cards.
You can see my previous block print cards here and here.
I love making my cards. I don't know... there is just
something about giving & getting a card that wasn't just
picked up off of the store shelf - or taken out of a box.
Ya know?

Obviously with Eloise running all over the place...
I didn't trust myself to pull out the block printing supplies.

I bought a few boxes of cards... and started addressing the envelopes.

But then, one night while we were trying to get a nice
picture of El in front of the tree to send WITH the cards...

This picture happened:

How could we not use that, right?

So we got online to Vista Print (who has some good deals)
and ordered our cards!

We included our own message:

"Eloise could hardly contain her excitement to wish you a Merry Christmas!"


Vista Print included a small black and white photo above the message...

So, instead of people seeing this hilariously silly picture
of our daughter and thinking she was a total goob...
we included this picture as well:

We were really happy with the price and the quality!
(They were like real cards - not photo paper)
And the shipping was timely as well!

To top it off, since I bought from them... Vista Print gave me some
discounts and I was able to order FREE return address labels
(Ok, so it was like $3 in shipping... but I saved like $8!).

This was the picture we chose to use for the labels:

They'll make a great gift for the in laws!

Hope you've sent your cards!
Christmas will be here before we know it!

**NOTE: I was not asked to review anything from Vista Print...
I just am a happy customer and wanted to share!!**


  1. Love the new look, and she is a cutie with the pup!

  2. I love the pic of eloise with her mouth open.Its so funny.



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