Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Little VW Birthday Love!

I'm late on posting this... but better late than never, or so I hear!

Saturday was my nephew's birthday...
he is a volkswagen lover, like myself...
and I like to think he gets that from me!
But I could be wrong!

Anyway... We couldn't be there on his actual birthday...
so I made cupcakes to take out the day before.
The icing looked pretty good - but eventually it all soaked
into the moist cupcake!

Cupcake Fail.
But they were delicious!

Here they were before they turned into a disaster!

Still not perfect... but cute anyway!

In my efforts to keep the VW love alive...
I found some vw birthday presents!

A vw bus pendant...
some vw pins...

and since anything that is authentic VW is super expensive,
I made my own vw t-shirts for him!

Fun, fun, fun!!

Happy (belated) Birthday Jax!!!

Another year older... another year closer to driving your own VW...

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  1. Sweet cupcakes! While looking for a vehicle for my son I came across a vw van. I thought it was so cute. My son asked if he could put a bed in it and live on wheels? Blessings!


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