Saturday, December 3, 2011

Decorating the Tree!

The Sunday after Thanksgiving, we decided to decorate our
Christmas Tree!

Growing up, we always had a real tree. I remember being poked and pricked as we decorated those trees, crouching under them to give them water, spilling it everywhere!... and oh, the sweeping of the needles!!
As much as I probably complained then,
I wish we could have a real tree now.

But, alas, we use a pencil tree that is in our living room all year anyway.
(Though it only has Christmas ornaments on it at Christmas time!)
It's just easier.

Maybe someday I'll get my real tree again, but until then, I'm ok with what we have!

We decided to let Eloise put the first ornament on!

I have a plethora of crazy Christmas ornaments!
Mrs. Potato Head seemed to be appropriate for Eloise!

Of course... she would rather have shoved
Mrs. Potato Head into her mouth...
so the decorating was short-lived.

Cory kept Eloise entertained while I put the rest of the ornaments up!

Now, the challenge is keeping Eloise away from the ornaments and presents!

(She already opened one.. haha!)

I can't wait to show you our Christmas cards!
But that will have to wait.......


  1. The tree looks so pretty and Eloise is always! :)

  2. Such sweet photos of Eloise. Wishing you & yours a joyful Christmas. Blessings!


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