Monday, July 4, 2011

Water Baby!

Eloise loves the bath... she cried the first time, probably from shock, but hasn't cried since. Water in her eyes and all! She really loves to be in the water.

I have been wanting to get her out into the kiddie pool, but was waiting until Cory had some free time to share in the moment. I purchased a pool that was WAY too big... but today, Cory put a little bit of water in it (from the hose... Brrr!!)... and Eloise and I put on our bathing suits! Ok, technically, she was just in a swimmie diaper... but she's a baby, so it's cute!

I am hoping to get her in a real pool sometime this summer, but we'll see.

Here are a few more pictures from this past weekend...

Eloise was in the carrier I made, while I was hanging up clothes on the line.

We attended a beautiful wedding on Saturday...

Eloise and mommy before the wedding...

Eloise and daddy at the wedding... she zonked out!

A Sunday afternoon visit with some friends...

And a quick visit from Grammie and Pappy...

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend! Please keep Cory's dad in your thoughts and prayers as they meet with the surgeon tomorrow!


  1. Such fantastic photos Devon! I love your modest swimsuit! And Eloise...that smile is just beautiful! So glad she liked it! You guys will have to come swimming with us sometime! :)

    Love, love, love all the pictures! :)

  2. What a sweetie :) My kids have always been water babies. I remember when Amelia was one, she would sit in a bucket of water if she could! Now all they want to do is go to the pool.

  3. so cute aunt nen I love eloise's bunet.

  4. So sweet. Brings back memories. My first born loved the water. I filled an old galvanized wash tub of Grams & that was his pool. Love seeing Eloise in her cute little hats. Wonderful photos of Eloise with her Pap & Gram. Continued prayers lifted. Blessings!

  5. What a sweetie! Sounds like a great weekend!

  6. Just LOVE cute chubby baby legs, and that picture of her planting her face in a shoulder cracks me up.



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