Friday, July 1, 2011

Hometown Fest Fun

This past week has been a little festival in Cory's hometown (about 8 miles from where we live now). It mostly just has food vendors and some kid stuff... no rides or anything. They fill up the days with a huge community VBS and the evenings are spent visiting with townsfolk and watching local entertainment on their little stage. It's definitely small - but special for everyone to gather once a year and catch up.

This was Eloise's 2nd year--being as she was in my belly last year! ;) We went for some dessert with our friend, Matthew. He was actually Cory's youth leader in high school... and he also took part in our wedding. Such a WONDERFUL guy. Genuine, nice, caring... and has a heart on fire for God! He was actually only able to meet us last night because he was going to be leaving early tomorrow AM for a mission trip to Bolivia! He is on the Go-Go-Go! And when you are trying to visit with him... it's impossible to sit, stand or walk anywhere without someone from the community calling out to him or coming up to hug him. He is just loved so much! He doesn't live around here anymore, so it's a treat when he is in town!

Here is Eloise with Matthew. Unfortunately, she wasn't too sure about him and was a little fussy... but he didn't mind!

We also happened to run into Cory's old babysitter! Kind of cool that she was able to meet Eloise! However she thought her name was pronouced "EL-OYS". Heehee. Weird! (Did any of you think that??)

Unfortunately, the normal group of friends that we try to gather with each year wasn't able to get together this time... but maybe next year! There will be another baby added to the mix then--but don't worry... it won't be OURS! (We have friends expecting in September!)

I hope you all have a wonderful and SAFE 4th of July weekend!


  1. so cute aunt nen,have fun ?

  2. I was noticing how El and Matthew sport the same hair style! LOL! Glad you got to spend a little bit of time with him before he leaves for Bolivia!

    Mom <3

  3. she is all kinds of adorable! and i would never have thought to pronounce her name that way...


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