Friday, July 29, 2011

Picture Day!

I didn't feel much like thinking of something to post today...
so I thought I'd share some pictures/captions from the past few days!

This was a picture I took of Eloise on the 23rd when she was officially 6 months old!

Lounging around on the couch....

Such a big girl! Seems like earlier this month I was wondering if she'd ever sit up on her own... and the next thing I knew... BAM! She just started doing it and she LOVES it! We still put her in the Bumbo Seat sometimes - but I guess she doesn't really need it anymore!

Boo lives with my in laws now... she's been a big morale booster for them as my Father in Law has gone through his chemo, etc. She does come home now and then to visit... but seems to go back to their house more than stay here at ours. I miss her... but I know that they need her. Maybe she'll live here again some day (I hope!!)... so that Eloise can grow up with her as "her" dog.

Cory's dad is soooo good with El! :)
I am so thankful that they can't find any cancer on his latest scans!
I want Eloise to grow up knowing her Pop pop and Pappy!
(My dad and Cory's)

Eloise helped me open presents on my birthday! It was a nice day. The weather was pretty mild compared to the SWELTERING heat we'd had last week! I went to my neighbors to visit and she gave me cake... then we had Chinese for dinner... then MORE cake! (Then more cake the next day!) I am not used to all of the sugary (and greasy) food.... lets just say I didn't feel good the day after my birthday!! Blech!

This is the book Cory got me (among other things!)...

My in laws came to give me presents and eat cake... and they used some ribbons on my presents... so after Eloise ate her Carrots (hence the orange-tinted face)... I couldn't resist giving her pigtails! HAHA!

And finally... I just love her expression in this one!
Love this girl!

It's nice to have a simple birthday with the ones you love!
And yesterday, my mom and sister and her kids came out to
celebrate with me again.
(since I wasn't feeling too hot... they came to me instead of me driving out to them!)

It was nice!

Thank you for the Birthday Wishes!!

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  1. Love her lots! Great pictures! Glad you enjoyed your birthday! (At least you have two more years till 30! I only have less than a month! eek!)


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