Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Spare Time

Days run together... which turn into weeks... and I am left wondering where the time went. Especially the spare time that I once used to enjoy so much! There is really no such thing as "spare time" these days... but every time I see the smiling face of my little girl, I don't even care. Moments with her are more precious than any other thing I could be doing. Which is why the dishes are still sitting in the sink to be washed... and the towels are in the laundry basket to be folded. The only reason I am on the computer, to be honest, is that I was snuggling this sweet little thing...

...and just HAD to tear myself away to use the bathroom! HAHA!

I have been having much more success than previously mentioned when it comes to breastfeeding (hallelujah!!!)... and I am now enjoying the time nursing Eloise while I take in a good book.

And when Cory comes home from work... and we aren't on the floor with the dog and/or baby... I get a few moments of free time (this does not qualify as "spare time"--haha) to work on some of my own little projects...

I love stationery and snail mail... so making my own envelopes has made for some fun letter writing/sending!! It's taken me awhile to get this many done--since I do it in bits and pieces... but I get satisfaction out of my work and I am thankful that Cory knows that I still need a little bit of a creative outlet!!

Eloise is starting to wake up... so once again, I am off!!

Happy Wednesday!!


  1. House work will keep & babies will grow before we know it. Enjoy every moment of your precious Eloise. Great you are having a little time for creating. Blessings!

  2. You are so right - every momma needs a creative outlet. I feel a need to create something that doesn't immediately get eaten or need to be redone. :) Eloise is so adorable!


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