Sunday, April 24, 2011

Eloise Meets the Cluck Clucks...

She wasn't really all that impressed.

They were disappointed that we didn't bring them scraps.

We didn't hang around too long... chicken poop stinks!

Here is my little munchkin with her Easter Basket!

(I totally ate that chocolate bunny)

I hope you all had a Blessed Easter!
Jesus is the reason for the season!!


  1. Precious baby girls first Easter. I love the bunny ears. Will make a cute facebook profile pic when she's a teenager. lol

  2. I absolutely love her! What beautiful pictures! Give her a big hug and kiss for me. So thankful for you all and to have you guys in my life! :)

  3. I'm sorry, but Eloise in her Easter dress with the bunny ears is just TOO adorable! It's crazy how big she is now and able to sit up and support herself and look so interested in everything and aware of everything!

  4. aww, those bunny ears are just too cute! I bet lil Eloise's very first Easter was an amazing one :)

  5. AAAHHH, look at those ears :) Yeah, I totally would have eaten the bunny too! Now my kids are old enough to tell me to back off.

  6. i love her little bunny ears! Such a sweet little baby doll!

    and look how skinny you are!!

  7. Oh my goodness - she is precious! Of course you had to eat the chocolate bunny - it's the mommy's privilege! :)

  8. I lost your wonderful chili recipe. I came back looking for it & got it. I missed this post way back wnen. It was neat to see your chickens. I wondered about them since you left comments when I asked for tips on raising chickens & what breed to buy. Eloise is so cute all dressies for Easter. Blessings!


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