Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Freaker USA

Ok.. so in no way am I trying to get anyone to donate money or spread the word... (however, if you choose to--that's your call!).... But lately, these videos have been going around Facebook via people from my hometown... and I just had to share.

I grew up with this kid. Actually... he's a couple of years younger than me... but I attended bible study, concerts and many a music festival with him (and many others). (He would not want me to share any of those stories!!!). I have to be honest... he was quite the annoying squirt growing up. And it wasn't until he got out of high school that I could actually tolerate him! HAHA! But I just wanted to share his budding empire (or so he hopes). I think he's put together some clever little videos! I wish him all the best--and I must say... if I drank out of bottles... I'd buy a Freaker.


  1. I am in on the grilled cheese party! LOL!

  2. Bonjour friends and freaks alike!

    We are freakin excited that you featured our link on your site! Thank you for all the love and support! With your help we successfully reached our funding goal on Kickstarter. YAY! Good news! We have launched a super sexy new website where you can find all of our videos (Renamed: giggle factory) and follow our Freak America Tour travelogue as we share Freakerlove through the great USA. 
    If you want a grilled cheese party, just let us know! We are probably coming to freak a town near you! Nom nom nom!


    You are the wind beneath our wings...
    yay!!! and thank you!!!

    The Freakerteam

    This is a thank you poem-present from us to you: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XLwW7ZDWn5Y


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