Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Get Your Own Font... For FREE!

Yesterday I was just nosing around in the blog world... and happened upon this blog that will turn your own handwriting into a font that you can download to your computer... FOR FREE! They also have other fonts that you can download. I haven't tried this myself, I am waiting to show it to Cory to see if he would know how to download, etc (I don't want to mess up the computer!)... but I am kind of interested in getting my own font made! Looks like it might be a little challenging... but if you're interested... check it out! It looks cool! I will let you know if I end up doing it!
Check it out HERE!

I also wanted to blog about this great give away at Busy Bee Lifestyle! They are offering the chance to win a free Personalized Stamp from Invitation Jane! (I LOVE snail mail... so I'm a stationery, pen, sticker, stamp FREAK!) Go on over there and check it out! They also have a lot of great discounts and deals that you might be interested in!

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  1. I tried the font thing...but I am not using the minima it didn't work for me... bummer! That is cool though!!! :)


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