Friday, November 13, 2009

Flashback Friday #2

I can't believe I haven't posted anything since Saturday. I meant to... I guess I just got busy. My mom's birthday was on Monday... so I was back in my hometown for that (and a meeting). I went for a bike ride with my cousin earlier in the week. We went 15.5 Miles! It was the first time I had been on a bike since I was probably 12! It was a lot of fun... however, we totally didn't realize that we should ride on the Rails to Trails... and we rode on the side of the road. Which is legal, if you use the correct hand signals and obey the road laws... but MAN... there were some crazy hills and once we found that we could ride the Rails to Trails... it was a lot nicer! And it was nice to be around the scenery and not worrying that a car (or 8 HUGE DUMP TRUCKS IN A ROW) may whiz by just a bit too close for comfort! It felt good to be out riding... unfortunately, the snow will soon fly and the bikes will have to be put away. We are hoping to get a couple of more rides in though before the weather gets unbearable.
Hmmm... also... Cory had Veteran's Day off. That was nice. We lounged around and did a little bit of running (errands... not literally running). It made me feel like yesterday was Monday instead of Thursday! I got a bug in my butt to clean out the guest room a little better... so that was my main project yesterday. I still have some things packed in boxes. Our house is small with little storage... and I really don't have many shelves to put things (especially DVDs or CDs)... so the guest room has kind of become a "catch all". I finally made the effort to get it under control though.... and although it isn't exactly how I want it AT ALL... it is OK for now. Things are put away. Clean sheets on the bed. I organized, threw things away, straightened up and vacuumed. That was nice. Today... I am going to clean the bathroom!

Anyway--back to the Flashback Friday!!! Since I went on a bike ride Tuesday with my cousin... I thought I'd share a couple of pictures. One, from when we were little (of course, I have many more... but this is the one that I have on my computer). And then one from Tuesday... on our ride.
Here we are on my first birthday... That's me there... with the party hat on.. having a BLAST! And that there is Meghan, held by our grandma. I think perhaps Meghan is sad that it is not HER birthday... notice the semi-scowl on her face. LOL! (Actually, she was probably just pooping!)
And this... is a picture of us on Tuesday. Now... of course I have MANY other pictures of us growing up... and they are much more hilarious than this one... but since we actually have a picture from Tuesday... I thought I'd share it. Cory thinks we should be embarrassed. He said we look "special"... but really, we were just having a lot of fun... and sometimes having fun means acting like a goober! And of course, we wore helmets and bright clothes! Better safe than sorry!! And if you can't have fun.. what can ya have!? HAHA!!

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I gotta go clean my bathroom! Happy Friday!!


  1. I've never ever EVER gone on a long bike ride like that. I really want to, I think it would be amazing. I have on a workout bike at the gym, but boooooooo, no fun there. That was just to sweat, not to enjoy scenery and breathe fresh air. So good for you!! I bet it was so great.

    And ohmygosh, that picture of you in the party hat, is SO CUTE. What a great picture! I don't see very many older pictures like that, with sugh good quality. I love it.

  2. I think it's so sweet you've stayed close friends with your cousin! I only have one cousin and I barely know her. The older pic is classic...and such a pretty one too.

  3. These pics are too cute! I love looking at old pics of me and my cousins when we were tots. It's even better when you are still close with them.

    OMG, I totally forgot how fun riding a bike could be as well, I rode with my daughter a year ago and I had the time of my life, like I was 10 again. :)

  4. What a sweet picture! The little grin is adorable, and so is the little scowl. :)

  5. WOW, that is a long bike ride. Sounds like an amazing time. What an adorable birthday picture. I think the 2 of you look adorable together. I wish my cousins lived closer like when we were kids.


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