Friday, November 27, 2009

Flashback Friday #4

So... I was totally planning on sharing a really embarrassing picture of myself from my teenage years... but I didn't find it... so I will save that one for next time! I think I know where it is but don't have time to dig it out right now.

Here is a picture of me and my dad taking a ride on the lawn mower when I was about 4!This was definitely the 80's! Notice the car in the background (and the old school mower)!

Well, I have a busy day. It's "light up night" in my hometown... so we are going to go out and decorate my parents truck (from my dad's business) for the parade.......... My nephew spent the night here and we have to get ready to go. Not to mention I have to go find my cat. She just threw up a couple of minutes ago (from eating tinsel off of the tree)... I almost barfed myself... so I want to go check on her and make sure she didn't ralph elsewhere in the house! I hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving!!

Oh... real quick... remember back HERE when I decided to start to try to lose some weight again? Well... I weighed myself (on the same scale as before) and I've lost 5LBS in a month! WOOT! Technically I know that its not safe to lose much more than a pound a week or so... but you have to take into consideration time of day, what I'd already had to eat or drink, etc. before I weighed myself... So it obviously isn't 100% accurate. But still! YEEEEEE!! 15 more to go (I hope!).


  1. Light up night sounds like fun. And congratulations on the weight loss success. I'm still trying and still stuck in one spot.

  2. Ooo, it does sound like fun! Congrats on the weight loss, too.

  3. Thats a GORGEOUS picture. I love old black and white photos. Do you have that one framed somewhere? If not, you should :)

    And congratulations on the weight loss! 5 lbs in a month is excellent!!!


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