Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Banana Chips and Homemade Crackers!

Yesterday I decided to try my hand at dehydrating some fruit... and also make my own homemade crackers. Here are the bananas getting ready to be dried! I am still waiting for them to complete, so I don't have any "after" pics. I did snatch one earlier this morning just to check and they taste pretty good!!
The crackers weren't as hard to make as I was expecting. I started out rolling the mixture and cutting them with bite-size cookie cutters. The kitchen was so hot though... I petered out after filling one cookie sheet. So the other way they say to do it is to press the mixture into a cookie sheet and then score it with a knife. The finished products were a little thicker than I think they should be... but it was a learning process!! The taste is also a little bitter, but I think that is because it has wheat flour and wheat germ in the mixture. They are still good though and I sent Cory some crackers along with some Cooper cheese in his lunch today!! I enjoy making things in the kitchen... and it's always a learning process since I'm kind of new to it!! On Monday I made peach cobbler, which was rather tasty! I just have to be careful not to make too many sweets!!

And... here is my pitiful pooch! She really isn't pitiful.. she was just hanging out with me in the kitchen..... ok, maybe a little bored. hee hee!

Happy Wednesday!!

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  1. Well...I don't like dried fruit and wheat germ doesn't sound enticing..but the banana chips and crackers LOOK really good!!! :o)

    ROFL...Boo is so should totally make that pic black and white and blow it up and frame it!!! I love it! ;)


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